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Youv'e bought yourself WHAT!!??

Posted 17-12-2008 at 23:54 by Rick

Goooood Day to you all! ITMA!
I hope you are all feeling well today; personally I’m fine and thank you all for asking! Sooo, today I woke up at my customary 06.30, (it’s not all glamour!!) and it was raining! We were along side in Ft. Lauderdale and it was very gray indeed. “A bit depressing.” I thought to my self, “bit depressing, and wet!” Passengers were coming on board; all asking the same thing, some, it has to be said, with panic in their eyes! “Will it be any warmer in Grand Bahama?” Fortunately, once we left port, the weather picked up and their panic retreated to the odd haunted look at the sky. Seasoned sailors amongst them, (some had done at least 3 or 4 cruises!) look toward the horizon and state, with authority, “I’m sure it will be fine once we get to the Island!” Between you and I… they are right! It will be fine. I have been at sea for many years, having joined the Royal Navy at 16, and having traveled on cruise ships since I left the service, first as cabaret and then as management and over all this time I have learned how to read the signs. The direction of the wind, for instance, the smell of the ozone. Noting the direction of the waves, and whether or not there are any white horses. The cloud formations, and finally, perhaps, the most important indication of all …the weather service as provided by Google!

We’ll be right back after these messages, I’m off ashore. Port Luckya’s shops are beckoning!

And, we’re back!

Every contract I do, I self indulge a bit, and buy myself something. This time, it was something better than normal, as it was my birthday a few days ago. I decided to get my self a new watch. I kind of collect watches, so I decided it was time to go for the Rolex! In my youth, I have bought many a Rolex knock off, some in Singapore, some in Casablanca, some from the Caribbean, and they never last for more than a month or two. Also for some reason, whenever someone comments on your watch, like “ Oh that’s a nice watch, a Rolex, right?” you feel compelled, for some odd reason, to say “Oh, it’s a fake!” Why do we buy fakes if we are going to tell every body what they are? Why not just get a Timex in the first place. Do you think Timex ever had people doing knock offs?

Any way, I digress, as I said I decided to buy a Rolex, so off I toddled, to one of the stores that Discovery back, called Colombian Emeralds International. They have a lot of stores all over this reign, so you know you can trust them, I bought my Rado watch from one a few years ago when I was in Barbados. (oooh, get me!) So there I am in the store, trying on watches. I have just about narrowed down my choice, whilst enjoying the air con, (it was hot out) when I am suddenly stricken by guilt. Here it is, almost Crimbo, and I haven’t really bought anything for Adele, and here I am, surrounded by rings…(and she has been hinting…) so I made a quick decision. I bought the Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea, (well I don’t take my watch of in the shower, so it’s best to have a divers watch!) for my self (Happy birthday Rick!) and sent Adele a picture of me wearing it, so everyone’s a winner! What’s that? What about the ring? Well I would, but her fingers are smaller when they are so cold, (she is still in the UK…) so I wouldn’t want to get her one she can’t wear. As you can tell, I am all heart. When I do get around to it, though, I will probably bring her here to get it, as it is a Duty Free Island. As I said, all heart!!
Oh, and to the many of you who asked about Adele’s Moms laryngitis, it is kind of a funny story how she got it. Last time Adele came out to see me, a few weeks ago, her mom came too. We all went out for the day… and she fell down a Wishing Well!! It wasn’t really my fault…I didn’t know they worked!

‘Till next time,
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