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Pass the soap, It's warm in here!

Posted 19-12-2008 at 14:01 by Rick
Updated 19-12-2008 at 16:19 by Rick

Hey, everybody! I’m baaaack!
What a day I have had today. Today we have had a very large group of fun loving people on-board who brought their own DJ. One hundred and twenty six of them! They have been an absolute blast, and they seem to be having a great time, although to be honest, I think some of them won’t remember what a great time they had!!

We arrived at Freeport at about 13.00 (wha? Sorry, one o’clock in the afternoon!) and I decided to go snorkeling, with the Snorkeling Adventure Snorkeling Adventure Now, I have been diving all over the world, and I mean all over the world, from the Far East to the Red Sea to the Caribbean to the Manchester Ship Canal! (I learned to Dive in Malaysia. I wanted to learn at home, but when I rang the swimming pool where I live, I asked, “Is that the local swimming pool?” and the lady who answered the phone said “Well it depends where you’re ringing from!” I didn’t like her attitude at all!) So I didn’t think that just going to snorkel in the Bahamas was going to be much, just an average day out. I was so wrong, it was a superb day! First of all, I was very well rested, as yesterday was a day off for me, I got to go to bed quite early, (around 00.30…sorry, sorry 12.30!) so I was truly bright eyed and bushy tailed. After spending the morning at sea, (as I said before, a great morning sail!) I packed my shorts, was tempted briefly by the Speedos that were smirking at me from the bottom of the wardrobe, but as always sanity prevailed! My fins, mask and snorkel were already packed and off I went. I decided to go ‘cos we were going to sail from Freeport a bit later than normal, so I would make it back before sail. Otherwise, I am very glad I have my swimming gear with me; It is a long way back to Ft. Lauderdale!

Once on the boat the fun started right away. I bought my self a drink, and sat back as we headed for the reef. The weather was great, and the water was as clear as glass. And I am talking about the kind of glass you can see through, not the kind our window cleaner leaves behind! There was beer on board, but I know from past experience, drinking AFTER swimming is safer! I also spotted the Strawberry Daiquiris…Ye-haa! There is going to be a par-tay on the way back! Once we arrived at the reef, I geared up; head for the edge of the boat and in I went. All of my expectations of it being an average experience disappeared almost at once! The water was so warm and I can’t explain just how clear it was! And there was thousand of fish, thousands of them. And whoever it was that said that fish have no memory, I think they need to re-think their theory. These fish KNEW we had bread to feed them! They KNEW. They didn’t scatter like you would expect them too, they flocked towards us, it was marvelous! The corral reef, as you know is a living enterty, and it was teeming with fish and sea life. And I’ll be honest, don’t hold me to it, but I swear I found Nemo!! Back on board the boat, I had a climb on the rock wall, and some kids were using the slide of the side, it was a really great time. And so, to the refreshment area! I had bought a beer, and wondered if the game I saw on some film or other would work, a novel use for my snorkel. I put on my mask, put the snorkel in my mouth and someone poured the beer in the top of the snorkel. It does work! Fortunately, my snorkel is quite a good one, and has a one-way valve on the mouthpiece, so blowing sent the beer out of the mouth piece when it got a bit to much for me! (About two mouthfuls in I’m sorry to say, I am a bit of a light weight. Ha!) Then I enjoyed a Strawberry Daiquiri. There is something about sitting on the back of a boat, feet up, shades on, a Strawberry Daiquiri in hand in the middle of a work day that makes you just want to say, “the name is Bond…James Bond!” So I did, just very quietly, and to myself. Not, it seems, quietly enough though. The lady sat next to me looked at me very strangely, whispered in her friend ear, and then they both got up, stared at me, gathered their belongings, and made their way to the front of the boat. Maybe it was what I had said, or maybe it was the tux and flip-flops that put them off, I don’t know! Have to go folks; I need to buy Adele’s Mom a new broom…the old one getting too many air miles on it!
‘Till next time,
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