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There is only so much sun shine you can take!

Posted 19-12-2008 at 23:45 by Rick

Greetings from paradise! ITMA! Well, today I decided to stay on the Discovery Sun all day. It was hard getting up this morning; it was quite a late night last night, due to a very large amount of passengers coming back to Ft. Lauderdale. So, this morning I had a lie in until about 07.00 and then had to shower quicker than normal. (Don’t worry Mom, I washed behind my ears!) Into my office and a quick call back to the U.K. from my cell. (Adele) I say a quick call, but I had to listen to a tale about how she took the dog , (Dolly, believe it or not, short for Dolly-Mixture. Strange name for a Rottweiler, don’t you think?)
to the park where apparently she was flirting with a Yorkshire Terrier. Dolly, not Adele. I don’t think it will ever work between them; I think someone put the terrier up to it! Anyway, once we left Ft. Lauderdale, I did my travel talk to the passengers and then completed some paper work. (See Boss, I do work sometimes!) and then a quick walk around the ship to make sure we have happy passengers. The deck party was in full swing by the time I got there, and the beer drinking competition was just starting when I arrived. I have to admit, I do enjoy demonstrating exactly what they have to do for that one. I’m not to keen on the Hula competition though, as I have problems getting the hoop over my hips! No, I am only joking, I do keep myself in shape to be truthful…it’s just that the shape I keep myself in happens to be round! We have a lot of fun at the parties (we have two a day!) and we give out a lot of prizes! Every prize is a number of tokens, get twelve, and you get a round trip cruise, so it’s pretty good! Once we arrived in Freeport and the passengers got off, it was time to decorate my showroom for Christmas! Deck the Halls with Boughs of Plastic Holly, Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la! My team and I trimmed and sparkled and spread joy throughout the room. It looks like a fairy grotto in here now. All we need now is a Fat Bloke in a red suit to sit on the stage. One of my team members did suggest me. “What a funny way to hand in his notice!” I thought, “Ah, well I hope he enjoys cleaning out the toilets back stage!” On the way back, once again a quick check around the ship, small problem finding the helium, (don’t ask!) but all in all, everything was fine. We did sail late, which means we may be late in to Ft. Lauderdale, so another decision to make regarding show time. In the end I thought we would keep show time at the same time as usual, and look at providing some more entertainment IF we are going to be late.

Now I have to make the biggest decision of the day. Slimfast or Dinner? Slimfast or Dinner? Adele is expecting a six-pack when I get back in a few weeks. At the moment, it is more of a keg! I have been on a seafood diet for a long time. When I see food, I eat it!
I once tried to invent my own “food patch,” you know, like a nicotine patch? I used a bit of Duct Tape and a meatball sub. I called it the Rickotine patch. It really made a mess of my shirt!

But once again I start to ramble. Back to my day. The evening starts with my team calling bingo, and there is an opportunity for someone to win $2000.00 dollars. After the bingo it is time…for SHOWTIME! The team get the stage ready, the lights go dim and the Stage-manager announces that it is Showtime. I walk on to the stage, and do a warm set of about twenty minutes to introduce the main act. The audiences are usually very mellow and ready to enjoy the show, so it makes it a pleasure to work. Sometimes, I have to change one or two aspects of my show to cater for people on this side of the Atlantic, but on the whole, they get me. Then I introduce the cabaret, our magician, Kardenni. He does a spot that lasts about thirty-five minuets, and when he finishes, we are just about entering our berth for the night. We disembark our passengers, and so to bed. The bar. No, bed. No, the bar…and a burger! Two burgers. And a Pitcher of beer! Hurrah! (Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring!) “Hello? Oh hello, love. Yes love. No love. The terrier did what? He brought a stepladder today? Ha! How is your Mom? Did she get her new Caldron? No, I’m going to bed. No, I am just going to have a rice cake.
Okaaay, not a whole rice cake. Yes, you too. No, I can’t say it, people are reading.
All right, all right, I love you too. xx night, night angel!” Well, I guess I’m off to bed then!
“Till next time
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