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How to have a Wild night out in Florida!

Posted 22-12-2008 at 15:37 by Rick

So, welcome to Sunday. Last night was very nice. The Pax were disembarked by 23.30, and the Magician and I went out to the bar. We were both determined not to drink alcohol, I am still on track to get back my washboard stomach, (at the moment it looks more like an industrial washing machine, with a top loader!) and he had some friends from home over last Wednesday, and obviously there is a recovery period after such an event! However, our favorite waitress saw us as we walked in and began to pour our normal beverage, so it seemed churlish not to encourage such good customer relations!

Also, a dozen oysters hit the spot for me! Man, they are very slippery. I like oysters, but I have yet to find a pearl. Or her mother. It was happy hour for oysters, but I will be honest, they didn’t look very happy! The main reason we go to that bar is because it has free wi-fi, so I get to down load TV shows and stuff. It may not sound much, but it really is a wild and crazy night out!

Back to Sunday and once again the sailing was very smooth. A lot of Bahamians went back to the Island today, laden down with Christmas Shopping, so it was too difficult for me to get off today, as there would not be enough time for me to do any thing before our sail time, so once again I decide to stay aboard. The weather is great, and there is an excitement aboard generated by the onset of the big day, the kids are so hyper, and they are looking twice at every one in red clothes.

Sitting on the back deck in the warm sunshine, sunglasses on, with a Rum punch in hand, thoughts do begin to drift. I spoke to Adele this morning, and the cat is back. Apparently, it has decided to time-share us with the neighbors. Twice the food and half the effort! Crafty cat! Personally, I prefer dogs, although I do feel a bit stupid on the beach at home screaming for Dolly-Mixture only to have a 10 stone Rottie hurl it self at me! I do get some funny looks.

Christmas cards are flying around the Discovery Sun today, so I am going to have to go to the shop tonight and get some cards to send back! There are a lot of departments on board, sooo a lot of cards to get. I have to say though, that none of the cards I received have had any cash in them! Ah well.

The show tonight was very enjoyable, the audience, once again, very mellow. Some of them were so mellow that they were horizontal, but they had just over-indulged a little bit ashore, and would enjoy a nice nap for most of the way back.

When they get back on board the Discovery Sun they have the option of buying a very nice drink called a “Crazy Pineapple” You cut off the top of a Pineapple, and carve out the middle, then you mix white rum, brandy and fruit punch all together and pour it in to the pineapple! Straws, an umbrella, (paper, not real!) add a Cherry on a stick and Ta-Da! A drink, a meal and talking point all in one! And a very nice photo op to show the folks back home. How often have you drunk a cocktail out of a whole pineapple? And the waiter’s look of confusion is quite funny if you ask, “Excuse me, but does this have any pineapple in it?” Or “Are you sure this is a coconut drink?” or even, “there is no fruit in this is there?” I have to admit, it must get a bit of a drag after a while, but what the hey? They haven’t had to go through life being called Ricky Martyn. Every time some one meets me at Heathrow with my name on a sign there is a large crowd of soon to be disappointed people gathered around the driver. (Gives me a bit of a giggle though, to be honest!)
‘Till next time,
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