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The grass in not always greener...

Posted 23-12-2008 at 13:38 by Rick

Hidey ho, Neighbors! ITMA!

Today, I decided to go to the Garden of the Groves. I am not a very keen gardener; in fact I once blew up my lawn mower.
To this day, I don’t know how, I was just mowing the lawn and the blade thing jammed and the engine blew up. Strangely enough, I never saw the hideous picture of Adele’s Mom that was hanging in the lounge after that day, either. The more cynical amongst you are probably thinking “Two Birds, One Stone!” I denied it then, and I deny it now!

Any-hoo I went to the tropical garden and met the present owner, a very nice lady called Erica. She is full of vigor and enthusiasm for all of her projects. I have been to a lot of these gardens in the past, the most memorable of which up to today was Powers Court Gardens near Dublin in Southern Ireland, and believe it or not, a lot of similar plant life, this due to the Gulf stream. That’s right, I actually listened to what I was being told! Mrs. Howarth, my old Geography teacher, would have been so proud! Talking of old teachers, I met my old Deputy principal on a cruise once, A nice guy, but while I was on stage he was talking, and it gave me great pleasure to say “Quiet, at the back…you know who I’m talking too!” We did have a chat, and he remembered me as I was from the days when the cane was still used! Happy days!

Back to the Gardens, I opted to walk around on my own instead of taking the guided tour, and it was very nice. Fortunately I had remembered my mosquito spray, so I managed to keep most of my blood to myself and halfway round, there it was. An oasis in a dessert of heat! The cabin. There was another reason I decided to go it alone, and this was it, the cabin. A very nice situation, comfortable chairs, tables, a superb terrace that has been decked out, butterflies flying around, birds singing and the sound of a waterfall, just out of view, cascading down the rocks. And a nice cold beer. The sound of a fresh can being opened and poured into a glass, the foam just slightly rolling down the outside of the glass and hotdog waiting to see how long I can resist it. I feel like Sir John Mills in the last scene of “Ice Cold In Alex” No Anthony Quail or Silvia Syms though! Continuing around the garden I came to an area of rocks, and found Erica looking intently at something close by. She pointed at some rocks and said “Almost 40 years ago, I posed in a bikini on those rocks when the gardens first opened”. I had a quick look round at her rest of the gardens, and saw the main party in the distance. It looked to me that they were going to be at least another fifteen minutes before going to the coach, (I had decided to hitch a lift back to Port Lucya) so time to revisit the cabin and get the sequel to both the beer and the hot dog! Unfortunately, I miss calculated, and missed the coach. I had to wait for a taxi. And they said it would take a bit of time. What to do? Oh I have an idea…back to the cabin! Every cloud…
So any way the taxi came, and I went back to the Discovery Sun to prepare for the trip back. I wanted to try the Casino in Port Lucya, but I didn’t have time, maybe it is just as well, I am not very lucky. I am so unlucky, when I was in the school marching band, I got the piano! And I was so ugly, my Mom had to tie a steak around my neck just so the dog would play with me! Ah well, such is life!
‘Till next time
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