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Where are the Golden Rings? "Fiiiive Goat-skin Drums!"

Posted 01-01-2009 at 15:26 by Rick

Well, well, well, what to do today? I think I shall take a trip to the Bahamas, always nice at this time of year!
Coming as I do from a country of colder climes, I always find it quite strange to be confronted with Christmas decorations whilst in temperatures up in the 70’s (not the years, Fahrenheit!) But the Island to day was as sunny as the passenger’s disposition! And the Christmas spirit was everywhere. (You have never heard “The Twelve Days of Christmas” until you have heard the Bahamian version!) I think what makes it weird is there is no adaptation for whatever country you are in when the Christmas period is upon us. If you are in Germany, for instance, Santa has a different name (Nicklaus) but he still wears a big Red furry suit. The same suit is in evidence throughout all of the European counties I have ever spent Christmas in, and here’s the thing, one of the hottest countries I have ever spent Christmas was Singapore, and there in the mall, was Santa, in his full suit, sweating his Santa’s little helpers off! There is absolutely no compromise dependent upon on location of the celebration! If Christmas is celebrated, then it is celebrated to the full extent! Trees, tinsel, ornaments, Christmas wreaths, holly, Mistletoe, the whole nine yards! And, as I say, a bit weird looking out of the window and seeing Palm Trees decorated for the season. Not weird bad…just weird! And here on the Island, some people go as far as to use fake snow in the windows. Fake snow in the windows! This from a population of people, the majority of who have never even seen snow! Fantastic. Even the cards all have a winter theme to them. Snowmen, Robins, Sleighs etc. The food stuffs seem to be very similar also, Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, but no sprouts! Sprouts seem to be the one thing that is peculiar to my own homeland! I was on a ship once where the chief didn’t prepare sprouts for the Big day, and one lady complained that she didn’t have any thing to leave on her plate, and it ruined her day!
Even I have allocated the big suit to a team member, and gifts will be distributed on board by Santa in very hot conditions, but you know what? No matter where in the world I am, the reaction to the suit is the same. It doesn’t mater how good or bad the beard set is. It doesn’t even matter how short or long the arms or legs are. And no one really cares about the gift they get. Next time you take a kid see Santa; watch their eyes…they are enthralled. So Christmas day here on board the Discovery Sun is set to be very traditional, Santa, Christmas dinner, crackers etc. The only thing missing will be my own Christmas Elf, and I will see her quite soon. Oh and her Mom, the Spirit of Christmas Pudding- Round with a prickly topping!
‘Till next time,
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