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Tag! Over to You Sam!

Posted 01-01-2009 at 14:52 by Rick

Greetings, Gentle readers. ITMA.

Well, today Ladies and Gentlemen, once again we have had a great many passengers on board the Discovery Sun; well over a thousand, in fact! Once again two coaches had to be sent, and once again other team members other than I will reap the benefit of our bumper passengers by going on the tour. Man, I was looking forward to going on the tour today!

In a few days, I will be signing off the vessel for my vacation, and I have no doubt the reigns of the daily Blog will be taken up by the Cruise Director coming off her leave. Very soon, I shall be leaving the Sun drenched Island, with the beautiful white sandy beaches, the great tours and excursions, the Duty free shopping, and all the fantastic people that make up the Bahamas! I will be swapping sand for snow, Palm trees for Mighty Oaks, Sunshine for overcoats!

But I will also be swapping taxis for my own car, Capri Sun for Fanta and of course, swapping watching re-runs of Law and Order for being talked at by my Adele. And I know her Mom is really looking forward to me coming back. She and her two sisters have started cooking, ready for when I get back. And they are singing about it at the same time, apparently. Something about Hubble and Bubble, Toil and Trouble, who knows? Adele was telling me that she might be coming around though, she has made a little model of me, and she just needs a bit of my hair for the finishing touch!

I am looking forward to my own TV; my own cooking, (yes, that’s right ladies, I am the whole package!) and even baths instead of showers make a nice change. I set my hard drive recorder before I left, and so I have days and days of TV to catch up on… I do have to admit to being a TV addict, one in the Kitchen, one in the Bedroom, the bathroom (some guys like magazines, I like TV, what can I tell you?) and of course one in the living room. I even have a pair of those glasses so you can watch movies off your touch. I must admit to looking a bit of a Muppet on the plane, wearing my Cyclops type glasses, and earpieces, but I do get to watch what I want, and not what the aircraft tell me. A bit embarrassing though, when I am watching an episode of the Office, an American Workplace, and laughing away to my self, while the whole of the rest of the plane has been reduced to tears by Schindlers List!

It has been a pleasure sharing with you all some of my time onboard the Discovery Sun, and if possible, why not come aboard and say hi?

‘Till then, Gentle Reader,
Whoosh! Bye, bye, I’m out!
Best regards,
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