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life not as we know it!!!!!

Posted 09-08-2005 at 14:21 by sean777

Dont know if its me but sometimes life can give you a real kick in the danglys.. so much so you dont know which path to take for the best. It would be good just for once to dissapear on my own for a few weeks to charge the old battries up without haveing to face the usual day to day mundane crap thats going on. This may not be the answer but by god it would help. Think i need a holliday, my life consists of work, kids and argueing, not to mention lack of money, all of which have the ability to get you down from time to time.
maybe its just one of lifes phases who knows but one thing for sure i see time for some serious changes about the things i want. Selfish maybe but if i dont implement some changes soon im going to go mad. Boerdom is a killer and at this moment in time im seriously bored with everything and everyone.
Isnt life suposed to be exiting and fun instead of serving each day with the same old routine, mundane and painfuly nausiating bs that goes on. Work is work and we do it to survive but when days of become a bigger chore surely its time to reavaluate things in order to have some sort of life.....
Will i do it i ask myself, well this journal will keep track of that as long as i can be botherd to keep it up. I'm going to give it to christmas, this life changing experiment and if i cant turn things around by then, well, then its time to shut up or ship out.
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