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Well!!! My day part two!

Posted 29-01-2008 at 19:05 by shillelagh

Hospital appointment 2.50. Taxi pulls up at 2.49 - dives out of taxi and into the hospital. Check in - 20 mins later i get to the front of the queue. 25 mins later im rushing down to the suite which isnt that far away. Sits down and watches Alan Titchmarsh's chat show he had howards way stars on - its 20 years since that was on telly doesnt seem that long does it. Can you remember the one - set in the boat yard down south somewhere. Anyway still there, the bloke in front of me had his wife with him - she was dressed in scrubs - she worked at the hospital and the nurse said lets take your blood pressure when they came back she said i'll put your file so he sees you next. His appointment was after mine as well. 2 mins later his name was shouted out - there was loads of other people there. Anyway we were all sat in the suite waiting and got talking to the bloke next to me he was with his partner and he said be grateful one time they'd come and the appointments had all been double booked.. they took everyone in alphabetical order that time and her appt was at 2.15 - she got into see him at 5.45!! Still sat there watching telly and times creeping round 3.45 comes and goes and then they shout my name out!!! Goes and sits down outside the door and waits my turn. 4.00pm i got into see him - i was out by 4.05 had anymore fits no come back and see me in 4 months. Next queues up to make the next appointment. Hes fully booked up for the next 6 months - leave the card and they will be in touch - maybe have an extra surgery. 4.15 I walked out of that hospital. Next catching the bus - as anyone who has been round that hospital, preston prison, fulwood barracks at 4.30 - do not even bother attempt to drive anywhere around there. Got into preston bus station at 5pm. I rang my nephew up seeing as he works in preston and i said i'd catch the train home with him. He said catch the one that leaves preston after 4.30 - i was still on the hospital grounds then. I rang him when i hit fishergate - and he was just about to catch the train that i would have been on. I told him the story. I hiked down to the train station it started spitting .... couldnt be bothered getting the waterproof bit out of my bag, got bashed on the head by someone with an umbrella while walking down fishergate. Hit the train station at ten past 5 and caught the train to accy. Had enough by then was going to go to asda to get something for my tea but couldnt be bothered, just wanted to get home. Finally got home at 6.45 pm

One good thing about it though - didnt pay on the bus in preston - didnt take my money he just accepted the nowcard and gave me a ticket didnt even ask where i was going. Think he'd had enough as well seeing as the bus was supposed to be the 4.33 out of preston up to the hospital and he didnt even get to the hospital to 4.30.

That was my day now i got my feet up - brew oh no - i got to get my uniform dry for tomorrow!!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Phew Jen, that was a day and a half.
    My daughter is at Uni in Preston and she tells me the traffic is hideous when she is coming home. No wonder it is always after five when she arrives back home...frazzled to death.
    Posted 29-01-2008 at 19:16 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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