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Feeling better now

Posted 19-04-2008 at 19:56 by shillelagh

Still got a bit of a sore throat but it'll go eventually.... Thanks for the get well soon messages from you all.

Anyway i sent the package to spug - some hoover bags cos he couldnt get any up there to fit his hoover. He even sent me a pic of it on my mobile so i knew which ones to get!!! I also threw some strawberry licorice in for him - i didnt know if he liked it or not but if he didnt his daughter might like it failing that he could send it back i love it. I sent a pressie for his daughter as well a charm for her phone. Sent it thursday - was hoping it would get there on friday morning but it didnt. It got there this morning - dont know how they got it through his letterbox seeing as it was all sent in a large jiffybag but they did do. Spug was awake heard someone at his door but thought it was the kids up early - then he heard the thud - and got up to see what it was. Anyway he likes strawberry licorice - he said its not as sweet as the strawberry laces they used to get its very moreish he says - i asked how much was left and he said i've only had 3 pieces - how much is going to be left for his daughter is going to be the big question!!!! He also said thanks for the hoover bags - you see when he had the new heating put in there was a lot of dust everywhere. Now he also had jerryrigged the bag already because he'd had to empty it because he couldnt get any hoover bags up there... where he normally got them didnt have any and when he went looking they didnt have them or didnt sell the kind he wanted. Anyway when he tried hoovering the dust up - it exploded and went everywhere again... so hed been trying all over the place that sold them.. and you see him being a fella didnt think to save the bag that they came in so he didnt know which other hoovers they fitted. This morning when the care package arrived - he tried it in the hoover worked - and his exact words were "i didnt know how much suction i was missing when i jerryrigged the bag" Oh my - next time he comes down he can clean my house up from top to bottom....
I had my nephew here earlier on in the week, and i rang a friend of mine if he'd have a look at her computer. It would need scrubbing and resetting up again. Anyway sis dropped her comp off at my house along with the laptop.. that had gone to pot too. That was sorted ... just need a AOL disc but it has to be finished off at her house reinstalling aohell etc. So i got a phone call today from him - the computers up the creek without a paddle... he could hear the fans working on the inside but there was nothing coming up on the monitor.. so needs at least a new motherboard, maybe hard drive, possibly a graphics card... cheaper getting a new comp seeing as this one is a TIME one from about 8 years ago. So rang her and told her and shes going to get the aohell disc and i'll probably go down and sort it out for her this weekend... or monday whenever she gets the disc.

On friday went to work to make up for not going into work on wednesday. It seemed strange going in on friday. Also when i finished went round to my nieces to take my great nephews card round .. seeing as i'd missed his birthday which was wednesday. She answered the door with a face painted tiger peeping out from behind her legs... My sis - his grandma - had took him to toy r us on thursday to get his birthday pressie - she bought him a boxing set - gloves punch bag and punch ball. Well his friend was there and they were having great fun with this walloping it when my niece said whats that black mark on it - turns out it had been walloped a bit too hard and rebounded and hit him on the nose - which was painted black!!! lol I left them to go and pick his sister up she was at nursery and then they were going to go to the caravan for the weekend. His birthday party is next weekend - a friend of his its his birthday on mon so theyre sharing birthday party. I volunteered to help again and she said its ok your safe - we've booked an entertainer and it still works out cheaper than having the sports centre!!!! Walked back up into hassy and was walking past cissy greens .... oooooo i havent had cissy greens meat pie for ages .. i'll get a couple for my tea - i got 4!!! So had 2 last night with mushy peas - had 2 tonight but without the mushy peas....

So thats what ive done... felt better, went to work, called at nieces, called in at cissies and pestered spug ..... i could have just put that instead of all of that couldnt i? Mind you you do need the background dont you?
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    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    Glad your feeling better Jen
    Posted 19-04-2008 at 20:08 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline

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