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Election times....

Posted 20-04-2008 at 20:47 by shillelagh

Just reading the thread about the elections asking if anyone had the prospective candidates knocking on their door brings back memories of my canvassing. I have only once been canvassing this year, have been ill this last week so havent been out much. As most of you know im a labour supporter and have been since i was at school. Anyway can remember once i was out canvassing and my sister was standing for election. By the way she was a councillor and a very good one. Id come straight from work because it was easier to get to from work than from home, and it was chucking it down, id been in work since before 8am and i didnt leave till after 6pm that night, had nothing to eat, was starving and id had hassle all night long from people who's doors i had knocked on. One bloke pushed me away from the door - and said im not talking to you. He could have politely said no thank you. So gets to nearly half 7 and the waters dripping off my coat and my sister says these last few then we finish. I knocked on the door of this house and a man came to the door, by this time im tired, hungry and i just want to go home, and i went through explaining who i was and being here on behalf of the labour candidate. This man asked why should i vote for her - and me my mind went blank and i said - cos she's my sister!!! well he burst out laughing and invited me into the porch and i said no thanks im dripping wet thro and dont want to soak your porch up. And you want to know what he said - i'll vote for her just for that reason - you've answered honestly and i just burst out laughing and said what it is is that im tired, hungry and want to go home and i cant just think on my feet and when you said that my brain just went anyway we had a chat the rain seemed to ease off and he said just for you answering honestly though i will vote for her. On polling day i usually sit outside the polling station taking the numbers when we cant get the kids to do it and i was sat outside the one this bloke was voting at when he came to vote. I remembered him and asked him for his number and he said i remember you... i am voting for your sister you know. When he left he stood chatting for a while and he asked where my rosette was and i said that i wasnt allowed to wear it near the polling station by law, something to do with influencing the people coming to vote. He left and about 30 mins later the conservatives car came round with the candidate in and it was driven by someone i've known for years and in fact he lives near me and everytime we see each other we speak we have a laugh we dont talk politics ... as he was the agent he came over talking to the conservative number taker and he said what do you want for your tea to the kid do you want fish and chips ... i butted in ever so nicely jokingly said you buying mine as well ***** and he joking course i will jen - bag of chips cant afford the fish for you labour supporters ... bout half an hour later he pulls up with the fish and chips for the number taker - and a bag of chips for me!!! Id just sent one of the labour lot to get me a bag of chips!!!! He bought me my tea for quite a few years on polling day... but when i stood for election he said im not buying for you this year you can buy your own ... and he's not bought me my tea since....

Ive got so many different memories of election days - like the time i knocked on someones door and they said are you going to vote for him... i said i would if i could im not 18 till july!!!! The amount of times of looking after the kids while their mums went to vote.
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