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Last night, this morning.....

Posted 20-04-2008 at 23:56 by shillelagh

You know how i said i was having problems with the kids round here and i had the police up here one day, she told me to ring if there was any more trouble. Well last night, well this morning at 12.40 am i rang the police. Im sat on here playing games and its a saturday night ... cars are going thro heard a bit of laughing but carried on... all of a sudden a big bang so looks out the window and a car has stopped across the road. A woman gets out and walks round her car and then pulls something out from underneath and threw it on the pavement then got back in her car again and drove off. Just as i was about to drop the curtain 2 lads appear and 1 drags it back into the middle of the main road... it looked like a piece of plastic - like a compost bin round the bottom - and about the same size as that but only half as tall and the other then dumps a long piece of wood in the middle of the road as well. Then they go and stand in the bus shelter to watch the cars going through. Now the cars mainly going through here after midnight are taxi's with a few normal cars and couple of lorries. So rings the police - got her voicemail message. Thought thats no use. So rings the police station. gives my address and telephone number... said it was the main road that it was on... told her the kids were stood at the bus stop who had dumped the stuff in the road said she'd send someone out straight away... cars were coming thro flying down and then sometimes a screeching of brakes when they saw what was in the middle of the road. The kids were still stood at the bus stop talking and laughing at the cars coming thro. By the way by this time i'd gone upstairs looking through the bedroom window with no lights on. I saw a police car come down over the top road - thought they were coming to clear the road... no they must have gone down accy way... kids were still at the bus stop at 1.15 am. The kids had put something in the road in front of the bus stop as well. a minibus taxi stopped further up the road and all i heard was RUN and footsteps. Cars were either swerving or driving straight through what was there. If it was a corsa, fiesta etc they were ok but if they were a bigger car they hit either one or both or swerved round it. Anyway the kids seemed to move on about 1.20 am but i wasnt going out and shifting the stuff. The woman i talked to on the phone told me the police would do it. At 3.30 am someone walking home moved the stuff out of the road and chucked it in the field at the side over the wall. The police were nowhere to be seen. Now if an accident had happened who would have been to blame... the kids for putting the stuff there, me for not moving it, the driver for driving so fast, the police for not coming to shift it and possibly get the kids .... By the way there was 6 kids last night and i wasnt tangling with any of them. Some where bigger than what i was.
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  1. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar
    Do they care any more?? do they hell.

    The little crap heaps know they are not gonna get caught, cos seeing a bobby on a saturday is like seeing a flying pig ( excuse the pun )
    Posted 21-04-2008 at 12:36 by slinky slinky is offline

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