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plumbers, pool, aohell part 2

Posted 28-04-2008 at 22:08 by shillelagh

Well i had a nice young man called anthony who came to mend the shower. Wasnt leaking where derekgas said it was anyway hes resealed it all up and keep your fingers crossed that works otherwise its ripping the whole shower tray and some of the tiles of. By the way anthony didnt have a brew - was it cos you had 2 on sunday derek and you warned him off?

So back to business you know what happened at the pool - i got beat as usual which is nowt new. Aohell needs shouting at big style which they did get ... and when they didnt ring me back today at 2pm as they said well its going to be interesting when they do ring. If they dont its going to be even more interesting ..... wonder if any of the computer magazines are going to be interested So what else is new - spug got interviewed for a job over the phone the other day - but didnt get it. He also got a phone call about a job today - which he missed so hes going to ring em back tomorrow morning. Its his birthday soon so any ideas what to buy him will be gratefully received. Also got election day on thursday - which will be interesting seeing as i got nominated for the committee rooms because Eugenie who has had the committee rooms in her house for the last 30 years died last October. She was an absolutely brilliant person and her house was lovely as well. All stone floors and she had an aga as well. I miss seeing her around haslingden. Mind you during the winter months she'd go to south africa because thats where she came from. I have a busy week ahead. Oh and this morning i got a letter from the hospital to go on 21 May. I told them i didnt want an appointment on a wednesday - id prefer to go on any other day but wednesday. Rang them up if i dont go on that day it will be the end of June or beginning of July before i could have an appointment to see him. What choice do i have. I rang up work to see if it was ok and she was in a meeting so i couldnt speak to her i spoke to the asst manager - oh yes jen it will be fine... yeah really before i can do anything id rather speak to my boss first especially as the week before im on holiday. So will try again to ring her tomorrow and ask her then it will be all sorted. By the way this appointment was the one i tried to make in January....
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