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Spug... election day....and HELP

Posted 03-05-2008 at 02:00 by shillelagh
Updated 16-06-2008 at 14:35 by shillelagh

Well you all know well whoever reads this spug had a job interview on wednesday and he'd find out on Friday if he got the job or not. He was hoping that he'd get it. He knew what they were looking for and he'd done that job before. He was very hopeful. Well he didnt get it and hes down in the mouth about it as well. It was his first interview since June - except for the one for the temp place. They rang him late on on Friday. Anyway he said he's glad though that he's heard from them even though he hadnt got the job seeing as hes filled application forms in like theres no tomorrow and none had got back to him at all. Anyway hes got another job application form to take in on Tuesday for a different job. So that was that.

Now election day... it was strange not running round like an idiot like normal just manning the phone and messages etc. I had a tidy house for a change - id made sure that the settee was clear - spug says instead of 2 seats and a sideboard and i told him get it right its 1 seat and a sideboard my settee, and everything was all tidied up which in fact was a good thing really.

I had cars coming and going all day yesterday. When a white van pulled in and parked up outside i thought it was next door home early ... then i took notice of the writing on it... it said Lisburn Van Hire... tel 028... well my cousin who comes over quite often lives in Lisburn... and yes it was him.

He'd come over to pick some material up from a place over in Great Harwood and it wouldnt be finished till 4pm so he called in to take me to lunch... well i couldnt leave the house so i made him some butties here. He was going back on the ferry from Liverpool and he had to be back there at 7pm but he still had to pick up the material from Great Harwood.

He said he was looking into the family tree his mum was my dads sister and he was looking into his dads family tree and we were talking about our Uncle Sandy he was killed out in burma during the second world war - my cousin had only seen his picture on the banner for Corkley orange lodge but we had a picture of him in his uniform in the photo albums but my sister has them. Also my dad was given the medals that he won by the rest of them which my brother now has.

Anyway i showed him what id found on the commonwealth war graves commission website and printed it all off for him. Then he said one of his uncles on his dads side was killed in the first world war and he asked if i could find him on there which i did do. Then he had to leave because it was 3.35 and to get to Great Harwood..

So that was a nice surprise for me yesterday. He'd been in Aberdeen the other weekend at his sons 1 lives in Aberdeen, the other in Edinburgh and another lives in Belfast so not too bad - 2 of them have followed in his footsteps ones a teacher and the others an engineer...

After he went I went and voted put my x in the spot and then went and got some milk cos on Wednesday when i went shopping i thought i'd have enough with the litre of milk i bought and best part of a litre of the milk i had in the fridge. Was i wrong came home on Wednesday after shopping put the kettle on to make a brew - and took the lid of the milk god it stank - so that went down the drain with loads of water after it to swill it away. Then back home and back to answering the phone and people in and out.

Made my tea while they all went out knocking up but it does seem funny not having the count the same night as voting.. I prefer it the same night then its all over and done with and its more fun when its at night rather the next morning. Well i sat up all night and watched the election results coming in. I knew they'd be bad but didnt expect them to be as bad as what they were. Anyway i went to bed when it was daylight and i knew the count was starting at 9.30 so was expecting the result to come through by 11.30. Was i wrong - they only just declared it at 12.

Anyway the post came and in the post was something i was expecting and so got that sorted and nipped down town later on. I'd been ringing spug during the day asking if he'd heard anything - im sure he got sick of me ringing him. He's heard from the temp place again - they rang him to see if he was still available .. so there might be some temp work again for him.

Ok for the help bit. My sister hits 50 next week.. the owd sod - anyway was asking spug for ideas. The ones hes come up with is multivitamins for 50+, age concern insurance leaflets, and im making a card for her on the comp, rollers and a hairnet and a bottle of mothers ruin... so what else can i do for her seeing as she is 50... jokey pressies please....

I know im going to have a busy weekend trying to get all of this lot...
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    Get her a rain mate.
    Posted 03-05-2008 at 20:29 by Lilly Lilly is offline

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