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Posted 19-06-2008 at 22:13 by shillelagh

On tuesday i went to the docs. I keep getting headaches and theyre bad ones. They go and then come back half an hour later. Ibuprofen make a dent but not much just ease it a bit. What does make them go away is sweets. Put that with me drinking a fair bit of water a lot more than what i usually do - im wary. Especially with my family history.

So made an appointment for the docs first one i could get was next week. Waited till tuesday morning and got an emergency appointment for that afternoon. So the doc has sent me for blood tests plus gave me some more ibuprofen plus had a look at my knee cos its still sore from when i had the fit, and my back thats still giving me some jip from time to time. Tell you im a walking wreck!!!

So have had that done this morning. Why is it nurses lie ... they say its a pin prick ... tell you she must have been pricked by the biggest pin going if she calls that a pin prick. I did sit there and watch her stick the needle in though and the blood filling the glass tube up though. She got it first try .. have had a few that couldnt get it first try .. mainly at the hospital ... when they do it it hurts plus some of the time they've missed the vein.

After i had that done it was still before 9.30am yes for a change i was out of the house before 9am the appointment was at 9 so had to pay on the bus. When i got out of there it was 9.15. 15mins wait before i could use the nowcard. So had a walk up town and was toying with the idea of getting a bacon buttie and a brew at the deli but thought i can get that at home. So walked to the bus stop further out.

Now to get to that bus stop you have to pass the discount store on the main road. It used to be called Peters .. now its Haslingden. And guess what there was a load of plants outside and pots. When i finished there i was the proud owner of 2 new pots green hexagonal ones 3 trays of plants and 1 lavender. Oh it smelled nice on the bus going home!!!! Sure the pensioners enjoyed the ride that were sat behind me... well at least to Rising Bridge where i got off. Mind you the woman grumbled a bit when i nabbed the first seat .. you know where the mums with prams sit or wheelchairs. Well i had 4 bags and these 2 pots and theyre not small ones either.

So gets home and chucks the pots over the gate seeing as i've barred it at night and when i go out. Kids running through the garden and now i've plants in the tubs at the back i dont trust them. I carried the plants through the house tho wasnt chucking them over the gate!

Made my brew and as i had to catch up on my sleep i sent a text to spug to tell him i'd survived the blood test and i was off back to bed. Blood tests always make me sleepy. Dont know why but have always done that. Once i had one done at the hospital and sis had took me ... i fell asleep in the car coming home!

When i woke up finally i got my dinner and thought right i'll do these pots. Hoping i had enough compost I filled them ... didnt have enough. Filled one of them and 1/2 of the other. But what i do have is a compost bin at the bottom of the garden. I started filling it a 3 years ago but have never used it - it hadnt rotted down enough to use. I'd checked it couple of weeks ago and it looked ok. So used that.

So put the lavender in one pot with some bedding plants round it and stuck it at my back door. So when the perfume of the lavender will blow into the house. The other pot was filled with lobelia, mimulus and marigolds and that is going to my brothers ... every year i make him a pot up for his front door. Never get the pots back. You never know i might get this one back!

Its now sat in the middle of the other pots .. mind you whether brother gets the pot because its quite nice even if i do say so myself is a different matter. I have to either lug it up to his house or ring him to call in tomorrow and pick it up. Think i'll ring him or send him a text ... by that time it should have dried out seeing as i gave it a soaking tonight. It hasnt rained since i filled the pots so i had to water them didnt i? Dont want his car full of dirt from the holes i punched in the bottom. Even thought i added polystyrene.
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  1. Old Comment
    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    Hope you get the headaches sorted soon
    Posted 19-06-2008 at 22:26 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline
  2. Old Comment
    flashy's Avatar
    your backs gonna be sore again Jen with all that potting your doing
    Posted 20-06-2008 at 16:48 by flashy flashy is offline

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