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bit more.....

Posted 26-06-2008 at 22:28 by shillelagh

Hope this doesnt time out like last time i did one .... it timed out just as i submitted it and it disappeared out into the world wide web never to be seen again until i tried to remember what i typed!!!

So what have i done?

Not much really.

Friday waited till my bro had finished work and had time for a rest ... then i rang him!!! Are you busy? Have a pot here for you... you'll have to pick it up though because its too heavy for me to carry up. But are you busy .. i need a new strimmer and they have them down at Homebase down accy and its too far to lug it back to the bus stop... I'll be down in 10 mins!!! lol So he comes and picks me up and takes me down.... gets there i lose him in homebase!!! I went one way he went the other!!! Got the strimmer and a couple of spare spools for it paid for it and there was a 10% discount on all of it!!! He told me to go to bed and sleep instead of doing the garden ... he said i needed it that i was tired and was starting to stammer a bit ... Brought me home and i showed him the pot i'd done for him ... he said it was nice and would brighten up the front BUT the front needed tidying first before he took it and he said he'd leave it here till he tidied it up.

Sunday i got a phone call from him do you want to go out for tea? Would you say no when you needed to go shopping for your tea? So he said he'd pick me up at 6.30 and be ready .. he knows me of old!!! So at 6pm thought i'd best get decent. But wanted some shopping so went to shop. Crossing the road sees bro coming down the road... He pulls in and i said you said 6.30 .. he said i will be back at 6.30. Then drove off i went to the shop and got the shopping i wanted and legged it back home and got ready. I knew if i wasnt ready when he came i'd not hear the last of it. Was ready for 6.25. He turned up at 6.40 and off we went.

I thought his daughter would be with us seeing as he normally has her at weekends. Turns out she was at a friends in clitheroe and she stopped the night there and they did clitheroe car boot sale on sunday. He said i was thinking about going over and seeing how she was getting on but thought against it - she'd think i was checking up on her. So thats why he rang me - he was feeling lost without her!!!

Anyway i had a choice ... the Duke of Wellington or the Grey Mare. Went to the duke of welly in May for sisters birthday... so i said the Grey Mare. When we got there the car park was packed but we got a table no problem. We both picked the same - Irish Lamb. He had it with spuds i had it with chips. When bro asked what veg - waitress said carrots peas and broccoli - when it came it was carrots peas and cauliflower!!! lol We sat there talking about all sorts, ive got sky now and said i watch tv a lot more than what i did... bout the other night i was flicking through the channels and ended up watching 7 brides for 7 brothers and singing along with the songs, and how watching all the tv programmes when i was a kid, then about rovers new manager - how rovers would be playing burnley next year, and stanley the year after.... The meal was very nice. And he treated me to dessert.

They had the desserts up on the notice board. Sticky toffee pudding, Ice Cream, strawberry gateaux, banoffee gateaux amongst them. I said i'd have banoffee gateaux - he said whats that? I said bananas and toffee - its healthy!!! He laughed and said that he'd have sticky toffee pudding with custard, i had cream on mine. When it came was very nice and he was eyeing mine up... so you want to try it? Course he did - and he took a big chunk out of it. He said very nice .... then he tried his. He said you want to swap? Course i said NO ... Then he said you want coffee said i'd have a latte. He asked for a normal coffee. The look on his face when he got a normal cup and i got a big glass mug!!! Got home just in time for NCIS at 9pm!!!

So will recommend the Grey Mare but grane road is shutting for a couple of weeks soon. Resurfacing work etc .. but dont know how that will affect there.
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