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Hes gone ......

Posted 08-10-2008 at 23:28 by shillelagh

Which is a good job too!!!! Wait till i get my hands on him im going to flipping kill the swine!!!! You want to know what he did?

Saturday for him coming down made him a pan of broth - i promised him - ran round town and got the makings for it - made the dumplings from scratch, and it was good, it was ready for him when he got here. We finished it off Sunday well in fact he finished it off on sunday night after coming back from the victoria. I told him he was washing the pan ..... i hate washing the broth pan - and he promised he would wash the broth pan. He left it on the top of the cooker - and i told him off - told him he had to soak it - he said i am going to do so fills it full of water and sticks it back on top of the cooker to steep. He said he'd washed up this morning before bringing me a brew in bed ... so i thought he'd washed the pan.

Didnt take much notice - more worried about getting him down town and on the train and making sure he hadnt forgotten nothing. Which was a good thing .... have you got your cheese, your steri milk, your door keys, your glasses, accy observer. He leaves all sorts behind. Dont ask what he's left behind this time .... i aint telling!!!! Comes home after seeing him off and doing some shopping downtown - and first thing i saw was the flipping pan sat on top of the cooker!!!

The shopping i had to get downtown - ive got the beginnings of a cold ... well not really the beginnings i started sneezing monday, the sore throat yesterday - so got the buttercup syrup, some lemsips and jakemans throat and chest relievers and jakemans honey lemon and menthol sweets. Spug had took my jakemans throat and chest relievers back with him - so i needed some more.

Found something else out - spug dont like olbas oil .... i chucked it over my pillow last night .... and he mumbled and turned his back on me!!! That could be my revenge!!!! I do have the childrens version - which isnt as strong but i used the adult version last night.

When he got to York he tried ringing my landline - and he couldnt get through. So he rang my mobile and told me that he couldnt get through was i on the phone. Wasnt on the phone so when he rang off cos he had to run for the train i tried ringing my landline - it came up error connection. So tried ringing out on it - wouldnt let me do it first of all no dial tone then came a dial tone but then when i dialed the numbers it just kept the dial tone. So thought ok, first try checking all the connections on the box, still not working, changed the phone, still not working, unplugged everything and stuck it in the main box - still not working. So rang bt - 116 for a call out fee if its my equipment that is faulty - well the thing is everything is their equipment - even the phone!!! Anyway theyre coming tomorrow between 8am and 1pm - so im off to bed seeing as its an early start ..... might go back to bed in the afternoon though!!! lol
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