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Feeling rough ....

Posted 11-10-2008 at 21:05 by shillelagh

I've got a cold and its not shifting ... Spugs gone back up the road so i havent got my nurse either i just hope i havent given it him before he went back. I started sneezing on monday, tuesday the consultant was telling me that if i catch an infection i could have a fit and im sneezing away in his office!!!

Thursday night the coughing started ... so friday went out looking for barnips and lemons. I had to go up hassy to go and pick a prescription up because the consultant had upped the tablets and not gave me any extra and i was coming to the end of my prescription. So goes up hassy and went to what was espleys they used to sell barnips - no go - they said the firm that makes them the machine they use to wrap them keeps breaking down ... when they last ordered some they ordered 6 boxes but only received 2. When she asked they told her that and they were limiting orders!!! Got my lemons and tried a couple more places for em and none to be found so went and got the prescription and came home.

Today i was feeling rough and stayed in bed till late on .... even later than usual!!! Anyway went down town cos i've no whisky to make the hot toddy - well i do have whiskey - but i aint wasting bushmills black bush in a hot toddy - that cost me 27 and that was duty free!!!! So went down accy thought i'll see if they've any on the health stall in the market - it were shut, but went to the sweet stall and got some kop kopps - taste nicer and are doing the job. So goes and gets a little bottle of whisky - what a rip off 3.99 and it wasnt even bells!!!! So now im sorted for the night!!!! Im going to hibernate for the rest of the weekend seeing as the pool league is starting again on monday and entwisi has asked me to join his team again!!! Dont know why - im hopeless!!!! So i have to be right for that dont i?
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