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Miracles do happen!!!!

Posted 09-12-2008 at 19:13 by shillelagh

This one is a flipping miracle ... i managed to win at pool again.... both singles and doubles this time. The black in the doubles game was a purler .... just whacked it and prayed that i'd leave it safe .... up and down the table it went 3 times i think it was .... you'll have to ask entwisi he was probably gobsmacked ... i know i was!!! My face must have been a picture ...

Its christmas time ... and getting the pressies ... well a couple of weeks ago went out and blitzed some of em ... got 10 or was it 11 .. anyway i've got a few more only 7 more to get. What do you get a 5 year old who is sporty ... what do you get a 12 year old, 14 year old, 20 year old, 21 year old girls .... a baby, and most important spuggie? Havent the foggiest what to get him .... blokes are the hardest to buy for.

Im going to have to do my christmas cards soon .. have to get the ones posted for ireland etc, and get the work ones done ... im only in this week and next then im on holiday till the new year.

A couple of months ago i got a panicked phone call from sis ... have i any decent wine glasses .. not goblet ones but proper ones ... i said yeah can i borrow them i'll be there in 5 mins... so she arrives and says yeah theyre fine just what i wanted have you any more .. well rooted round found another couple .. and said i do have these ones .. no dont want them and off she went. Anyway couple of weeks ago she came for tea and she brought a bottle of wine ... i had no glasses except the goblet ones ... and she said oh yeah i borrowed them .. i'll bring em you back. Yeah right ... well i dont need em anyway because i dont drink and i told her that and she piped up you might have a party .. was that a hint . Went round to her house last week after work and what did she give me .. a box of new wine glasses .. she bought me them to make up for not bringing the other ones back .. and she fancied keeping them ... Got dragged off to tesco shopping with her .. and forgot about the wine glasses. She came up today with them so i now have 4 wine glasses that are twice the size of the other ones. Now the original ones were just the right size for a baileys ... these are massive ....

Spugs better as well and not right happy.... We got all the snow ... they havent had any at all and so ive been sending him pics of all the snow and hes been showing em round his works and theyre all jealous of us ... how come they got snow when we didnt!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    entwisi's Avatar
    yep, it was 3 times but hey, they all count!
    Posted 14-12-2008 at 17:47 by entwisi entwisi is offline

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