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my week

Posted 20-12-2008 at 23:57 by shillelagh

Well didnt go to pool this week i missed the bus - twice over ... and there was enough there to play so now we dont play again till 12th jan.

Next up i knew spug was coming down but he told me not to say nowt and a few people asked me when he was coming down .. and i said dont know .. well he hadnt bought his ticket then!!! Entwisi asked one night when i was playing pool and i told him, told cashy as well in the chatroom, told tinks to get her backside to the meet ... but she didnt, and told cherokee but otherwise not told a soul .. unless you managed to figure out my posts on rossendale online.

Anyway spug kept on saying about my christmas pressie .. and i kept on pestering him what you buying me? If i asked him what to buy him he said a pair of socks!!! Last saturday morning i got a text of him - he said ive got your pressie .. next up what you got me .. not telling was his reply ... tell me or you wont get your pan of broth when you come down ... he said do you really want to know .. i sent him a text back saying just the shop .. in between he'd took a pic of the box and sent it me ... so i knew what he'd bought me ... he'd bought me a camera... a 10 mp a pentax optio E60. Its ever so nice .. its a silver one ..and he gave it me all wrapped up .... in its asda carrier bag!!!! when he arrived on friday teatime.

I'd promised him a pan of broth because i'd told him about making it brother and sis etc and he said he wanted some. So Friday afternoon went down town and got the broth makings and got back home just as he landed into preston ... a pan of broth in an hour ... yeah really .. it was ready about 7 thats why we didnt get to the meet till after 9. But we still went ... and had a laugh spug had a drink well a few drinks. And i took the new camera ...

Well the camera was my pressie ... and spug said i'll set it up for you i should have done this before i gave it you!!!! Boys and my toy ... i still trying to sort it but have realised something. My old camera is an olympus it is an old one ive had it for about 7 years .. its only a 2mp - as its so old .. my sis bought it me for xmas one year and ive took care of it - its been kicked in the handbag, its been used in rain (not waterproof) but it still worked. But when i photoshopped it ie run it thro quick fix and then saved it ... i could stick the pics on accyweb no problem ... cos it was only 2mp - this new one its 10mp so i have to flipping resize em all to get em on accyweb. Plus it comes with its own software .. i like photoshop - ive used that since i got the olympus ... now i have to figure out this one.. I may be running screaming to mick in the near future ... he's got the same one as me but his is black .. i got the shiny silver one!!!

What else have i been doing. Well Monday skived off pool, and bought spugs xmas pressie ... Its ok i can tell you what i bought him now .. i've given it him hes been setting it up today. I bought him one of them mobile broadband dongles .. its on 3 and its got 3gb of usage on it. So you will be seeing him online a lot lot more. Well everyones missed him .. and i have as well.

Tuesday went up hassy to take my nieces birthday card and pressie it was late - i'd rang her on her birthday and wished her happy birthday and said i'd be down as soon as it finished raining - she told me dont even think about coming down tonight bring it down next week. So i did do. She wasnt in - she was at her daughters xmas play at the nursery she goes to. Then walked back into hassy and picked up my prescription and back home.

Wednesday went to work for 10am and i was back home at 1pm ... and thats that until the new year.

Thursday .. was get everything ready for spug coming on friday ... did i do anything ... nah I stuck the washer on and went out in all that rain and got soaked. I hadnt done the xmas cards ... so they needed to go out but also have another 500 to deliver all round here and so i made a start. Started off, it was fine .. gets half way round the avenue ...and it starts raining ... by the time i'd done the estate bit i was soaked .. but it had stopped raining .. so home and got another pile folded and into the bag and off i went ... it started raining again ..... well i did the back lane and one of the streets and coming down the next my brother lives on there - thought i might get a brew off him dry off a bit and get warm ... ended up sitting there watching tv and a brew and getting warm and a lecture for not having a proper knee length coat on and cos of doing it in the rain!!! Well it was fine when i set off!!!! When i eventually left his house - an hour and half later i was just damp, and it had stopped raining ... an hour later i was home, tea in hand .. i'd gone to the chippie couldnt be bothered making tea ... and a nice warm brew to warm me up!!!! Now i've started sneezing again ...
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  1. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar
    You dont have to use its own software you can still use Photoshop
    also if your intending to put the pics on the net you dont need it set at 10 mp you can set it to 2pm which is enough for the net
    also if your uploading to accyweb gallery the gallery software will reduce the file size for you
    you only need to resize if you putting photo's into posts
    Posted 21-12-2008 at 05:06 by Mick Mick is offline

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