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Spugs new nickname

Posted 11-01-2009 at 20:51 by shillelagh

Tis nearly 3 weeks since i did this .... and what a busy time ive had!!!! Well everyone has havent they ........ it was christmas it was new year ... So here goes ...

Friday Spug arrived ....... and we went to the accyweb meet and gave everyone a shock seeing as no one knew he was coming down. Got told off by Mick for not telling him that i was going to the meet and for not telling him spuggie was here as well. Well he told me not to .... thats my excuse and im sticking to it. So i got my camera ... and i'd got spug a sneaky pressie for him to open on xmas day. When i'd asked him what he wanted he kept saying a pair of socks ... so thats what i got him ... and i hadnt wrapped them up when he arrived i had to find a way of wrapping them up and sneaking them in his bag without him knowing till he'd got back up the road ... then he'd find em when he emptied his bag. Well you know what happened ... he edidnt go straight home .. he spent monday night in carlisle hospital and he'd already found em in his bag before he left here!!! and didnt say owt!!! I rang his works on tuesday morning because someone was running out of credit on his phone ... As you all know hes back online and driving everyone nuts ... sorry ...

Do have a new nickname for him tho ... granny spugs ....... its because he wears glasses when hes using the computer and he has a strap on them that granny's have on theirs .......

Anyway Christmas Day went to sisters as usual, and then went round to the other sisters later on ... home about midnite. Boxing day was at home i didnt want to do nowt. Then Saturday wasnt feeling to well so didnt go down to my nieces ... it was a choice go to my nieces not feeling well when her daughter age 3 had been took to the hospital on christmas eve .. she had a chest infection and was rough with it or stay at home and feel better for sisters party on the sunday - the annual family p*ss up with my cousin and his wife from Poland. So stayed at home and went to my sisters on the sunday. Was interesting ... my sis has been going to burnley camcorder group to try how to find out how to use her camcorder she'd got a year ago. Anyway in November they were supposed to video Terry Waite ... but he had appendicitis and didnt turn up so they did a short film ... and sis was helga ... and she made us all watch the film and while we were watching it she video'd all our reactions for the camcorder group .... but we didnt all watch it at the same time ..... in fact some of us watched 8 times all in all. It did get boring after the 4th time ...... but we were all laughing at it .... and so sister has a new nickname as well Helga ... the name that she had in the film!!!

Monday i went down town .. and ended up at Blackburn royal ... had a fit in wh smiths ... and a customer caught me and looked after me. Tuesday went down to wh smiths to say thank you for looking after me .. Wednesday stayed home ... didnt go out new years eve ... Thursday new years day ... brother came in to wish me happy new year and he said i still wasnt right .. he could tell with my eyes. My tongue was sore and swollen up ... and its been hard speaking.

I didnt think pool started again till the 12th .. monday i got a phone call to say it was on that night. So Entwisi picked me up ... and i lost a doubles ... and entwisi was my playing partner!!! We won 7-2 anyway. But Entwisi won his singles.

And basically thats that .... Work on wednesday, staff meeting on thursday, and thats it ....... nowt much.
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  1. Old Comment
    SPUGGIE J's Avatar
    Now will it be Granny Spugs?????
    Posted 11-01-2009 at 21:57 by SPUGGIE J SPUGGIE J is offline
  2. Old Comment
    West Ender's Avatar
    I really admire the way you deal with your health problem. Some would make a big deal of it and whinge but you don't. Good luck and may 2009 bring an improvement for you.
    Posted 12-01-2009 at 20:05 by West Ender West Ender is offline
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    So do i westender ... with any luck they will settle down. Thing is you have to .. ive got it, its not going to go away so why whinge ... when i do want to i normally whinge at spuggie or i come on here or whinge at sis ...then i normally get told exactly the same as my mum told me ... theres a lot worse than you in the world so stop whinging and get on ... lol
    Posted 14-01-2009 at 01:02 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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