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Grangemouth part 2

Posted 24-02-2009 at 15:40 by shillelagh

On the saturday well it was valentines day ... and i'd took his valentines day card up with me .. not a pressie - he'd got me there that was his pressie but i made sure i'd got his card sorted and written before i went and sealed ..S.W.A.L.K. can you remember back in your school days you getting a card with that on the back? lol Anyway i gave him the card and said wheres mine ... i havent got it yet!!!

I got took out for tea ... to the Earl of Zetland. Oh my ... it was a weatherspoons pub ..... and its an old church .. the pics are below. Its very nice inside .... but i hadnt took my camera with me ... so we said we'd go back later on in the week ... what an excuse!!!! After that we went to asda .. and spug bought me a bunch of roses and my valentines card .... this was about 7pm on valentines day!!!

Sunday i spent it in bed ....... i had another and just spent it recovering.

Monday ... spug went to work .. and left me in bed to get some kip. You see as we both live on our own we are both used to kipping on our own ... and the snoring, the nicking of the duvet, the spreading out across the bed dont bother you when you are kipping on your own you are on your own but when someone else is in the bed as well you cant nick the duvet, you cant spread out across the bed llike usual .... and yes he's guilty ... mind you i did get my own back on him ... he spent the saturday nite before i came home on the couch ... i kicked him out of bed!!!!

Monday night he came home and we had tea and his owd man came round after - and got a shock because he hadnt told him that i was coming up there. Anyway he said he'd call round tomorrow teatime to find out how hed gone on at the hospital. Then he left and spug said he was going for his bath .. and he went off upstairs i went to make a brew .. next up i heard a noise and shouted up to him are you ok .. no reply so went up and found him flat out on the bed ... he was having a fit ... sorted him rolled him onto the side, then he slipped of the bed and looked up at me didnt know where he was and anyway got him into bed and stayed with him till he went to sleep. Went back downstairs and boiled the kettle again and made the brew that i was making before. About 15 mins later goes up to check on him see if he was fast asleep and he was just waking up. He said what am i doing in bed ... why have i still got my work stuff on .. i said you werent so well and i put you to bed you had another spell. It was the first time i've ever seen one ... normally i just have them .. so that was an experience. I normally just tell people what to do if i did have one. So it was strange to be on the other side of it.

But in a way it was a good time to have another one - seeing as he had an appointment with the neurologist on tuesday.

Thats part 3!!!
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