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Grangemouth part 3

Posted 01-03-2009 at 23:54 by shillelagh

Spugs been nattering me to write part 3 ever since i did part 2!!!! So thought i'd best do it otherwise i might not get another bunch of roses .... hint hint!!!!

Tuesday morning he had his appointment at 9am ... i dont do mornings theyre against my religon ... just like politics .... Anyway got booted out of bed and on the bus to falkirk ... Found our way to where we were supposed to be for 9am ... just ... and im telling you now i couldnt believe all the help he's got compared to what i get down here. 1st he saw the neurologist and the epilepsy nurse - and they asked what happened .. he told him that he'd had another one the night before and he asked me to describe what i saw. So did do ... and he told spug that it was late onset epilepsy... and said to go and see your doc and take this letter with you and he'd give you the tablets and told him how to start off with them and build them up gently ... Then he said that he had to see the epilepsy nurse and also someone from epilepsy action as well. So he was took into another room and spoke to the epilepsy nurse. Which in a way because he's had experience of epilepsy he knows what it is and what to do etc... but mainly about work things and living on his own. Then after speaking to the nurse we were took in to see the epilepsy action volunteer. She said about having his bath took out and a shower putting in, his bathroom door swapping round, no locking the bathroom door, etc and sorting it out with the council... i didnt get anything like that. Might have a word with the consultant when i go back to see him.

Anyway after she'd finished she said she'd send out stuff to him about using the fork lift well in fact she told him to not drive it ... we went into falkirk and had dinner in maccydees and shopping ... will say this falkirk is brilliant for shopping ... 2 shopping centres on the main street and a big shopping estate at the bottom of the main street!!!! I bought all sorts the only slight problem i had was having to carry it home with me!!! I bought the red nose t'shirts for my nephew and niece and one for me ... but got the one with eric and ernie on ... didnt like the ones with the beatles on .. red nose day is comic - which is eric and ernie ... Spug was feeling rough by then so we went home and he went to bed and kipped the day away. Left me playing on his computer .... Then his stepdad came about 5.15 and we went to the chippie for tea ... Healthy werent we!!!

Wednesday and Thursday Spug went to work and i stayed at home in bed ... trying to catch up on the kip that i didnt get during the night!!!! I did get caught out though ... His stepdad came knocking ... but i did shift out of bed and dressed and flushed the loo to make it sound like i'd been upstairs ... and i got away with it .. until he'd gone and then spug said you were still in bed werent you.... Yes i was cos someone had woken me up at 6am ....

Friday spug only works friday morning and so when he came home we went out shopping in grangemouth ... not much in grangemouth ... bit like accy really ... then went back to the earl of zetland for tea .. this time i'd took the camera though ... so thats when i took them pics. It is really nice in there though. Foods ok as well.... spug had a large mixed grill - i mean this PIG!!! Me i had the bbq chicken melt which was nice as well... then i had dessert chocolate fudge cake ... now that was good with cream as well.
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