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the last month!

Posted 08-04-2009 at 21:48 by shillelagh

Well as ive finally done grangemouth part 4 .... i'd update you on what i've been doing.

Well i was supposed to go and celebrate sisters partners birthday instead i had an appointment to visit the emergency dentist again. Well sis called on her way home to pick up his birthday card and pressie .. and said i really wanted you to come tonight .. theres going to be an announcement .. they're getting wed in May ... I was highly fed up i couldnt go ..

One thing though i havent had another one though since the last one in feb ... plus the teeth two of them seem to have settled so im back on solids .. theres only one that doesnt seem to be settling down ..and thats the one at the front but still can eat solids. Its so nice to eat chicken, steak, beefburgers, etc ..

Spugs coming down ... watch out accy .. he'll be here for a weekend in april and a weekend in may ... he's coming to the wedding. And no we are not getting any ideas ...

My nephews grandma died last week and i went to her funeral on tuesday this week. She was one of my teachers at the high school. I will miss her even though i hadnt seen her for a while because i'd been ill and then she was ill. I still called her Mrs ... even when she beat me at trivial pursuits on christmas day 15 years after she'd taught me!!! It was a case of respect .. it was drummed into me by my mum & dad to call her Mrs .. and not by her first name just in case i called her that at school. Anyway on tuesday i was stood there with 2 of my nieces and my brother and one sis .. and one of my old teachers came over and said .. were you jennifer ..... and i said yes i am .. she said i thought i recognised you but i wasnt so sure and then saw you were talking to my sis .. and i still called her miss ... Also got mistook for being my brothers wife .. also told two liverpool fans that if they want to go to grassroots football not to go to tranmere rovers .. to go to accy stanley instead.

As its been fine .. not this week last week .. i tidied the back up a bit and emptied the pots and picked all the moss off the pots ... but gave up on the hosta. I think i really will have to stick that back in the ground again .. but i prefer it in the pot. As the clocks gone forward .. its a case of spring cleaning .. and i've done a bit .. but not all. But im going to have to get a move on. Sisters wedding i've offered to put up some of the guests as i've got spare beds. That does mean cleaning them back bedrooms.
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