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Spugs down ....

Posted 19-04-2009 at 00:42 by shillelagh

well he arrived friday afternoon late on .. goes home monday ...

He saw dave on his market stall when he was coming thro town .. but he still arrived early and i was still tidying the house .. mind you its still a tip now .. well not as bad but still not exactly tidy.

Anyway friday we went shopping .. we had to if we wanted tea .. i was tidying up... thats my excuse and i sticking to it. WE were stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus ... and my neighbour said she was going to tesco's so we scrounged a lift. We were going round tesco's and bumped into my brother and his daughter .. and then my nephew .. said it was a family convention .. friday night in tesco's!!!!

So home again and had tea .. and watched the new one of ncis .. last man standing .. anyway now we know why they were all split up at the end of series 5.

When he was down before we were in rawtenstall and he saw the steam train leaving rawtenstall station .. and he decided he wanted to go on it. So Saturday we did.

We went to bury on a diesel train and spug wanted to go on the steam train. It cost 6.20 each - because i had a concessionary pass. Went round bury market and i got a carton of black peas and eat em walking round. He bought me 3 bunches of flowers .. and theyre safely in a vase on top of the fireplace. and they look very nice too. When we went to bury before we found a market stall that sold barbecue .. already cooked still warm .. there were allsorts on it, chicken wings, ham shanks, chickens, gammon .. well we got a gammon .. a big lump of it .....and it was very nice .. when i said we'd go on the train to bury .. his eyes lit up and he said we'd get another piece of gammon. So we found the market stall again .. and got a bigger lump of gammon this time. They were selling cooked chickens and a ham shank for 5 and a cooked chicken and a roast of pork for 6 ...

Spugs got black puddings to take back to work. I've told him if he forgets em theyre going in the bin .. i cant stand em!!!! Then we had a wander round ... dragged him in new look, evans, topshop, principles, etc ...well sis is getting wed i need a new outfit. Then it was time for home. We'd timed it we caught the last train back to rawtenstall ... which was a steam train which he wanted to go on. He stuck his head out of the window near enough most of the way back to rawtenstall.

Went to asda to get some stuff we'd forgotten to get at tesco last night. As we were walking past the old asda which is now the new tesco ... he looked down into the river irwell .. just to see if there was any fish .... well we saw 3 rainbow trout .. 1 big one, 1 medium size and a tiddler. So now he says he's bringing his rod down next time!!!!

So that was friday and saturday ... sunday ...we going and seeing his mum, have to go and see my great nephew his birthday card is sitting here - his birthday was thursday. I wasnt feeling so good on thursday so didnt go anywhere. Thats why the house was a tip!!! Then we thinking about going to the carvery up at the duke of welly ...

So now you know what we've been up to!!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    thought ya had been behaving, now i know why. lol
    Posted 19-04-2009 at 10:39 by cashman cashman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    flashy's Avatar
    i love that railway Jen, used to go on it nearly every weekend when i lived in Loveclough, was the only decent thing to do on the weekends up there

    i took Reece on it not long back, the price has gone up a heck of a lot since i was 15 though, cost me a darn fortune

    glad you've had a good weekend though
    Posted 19-04-2009 at 14:23 by flashy flashy is offline
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    Originally Posted by cashman View Comment
    thought ya had been behaving, now i know why. lol
    Are you saying spugs a good influence on ME?
    Posted 19-04-2009 at 15:14 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  4. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar
    Hope you both a lovely weekend together in the sunshine.
    Posted 19-04-2009 at 18:33 by garinda garinda is offline
  5. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    Originally Posted by shillelagh View Comment
    Are you saying spugs a good influence on ME?
    i know damn well spugs a fine influence.
    Posted 19-04-2009 at 22:08 by cashman cashman is offline
  6. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    Thanks very much .... next time it might not be sugar that goes in your brew!!!
    Posted 20-04-2009 at 21:58 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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