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Trip to preston ...

Posted 07-05-2009 at 22:50 by shillelagh

Is it any wonder why everyone hates having to visit the hospital for an outpatients appointment?

Spug said cant wait to read the blog on this one .. and i said maybe it should go in general chat .... i'll let you decide.

Leaves home about 11.30am - appointment at 1.30 .. so means catching the train at 12.06 from accy to preston, walk through centre of preston to the bus station and catch the bus up to the hospital. Ive gone in a taxi from the station .. costs around 8 .. to the hospital from the train station .. makes sense catch the bus. Mind you having the free bus pass does help.

So gets on the train .. having bought my ticket at the ticket office. If the ticket office is open you have to buy it from there if using a rail card .. the ticket man on the train can refuse you the discount if he wants to ... It was a nice to day to spend loitering on the train station though .. no rain for a change. So gets in to preston .. first time ever gets stopped on the bridge over the tracks your ticket please... so had to root it out of my pocket and the pass holder i have to find it. So anyway back out into the warm sunny day .. a bit windy but NO rain!!!

My sister gets wed on saturday .. and for a few weeks i've been looking for a white jacket or cardigan to wear .. i couldnt find one anywhere .. then found one in asda .. but had no cash on me to buy it there and then .. when i went back to get it .. none of my size .. every other flipping size but none of mine. So it was back to square one .. but knew i was going to preston and there was always accy asda and if they didnt have one .. well i've got a brother and sisters with cars and i'd beg nicely Anyway comes out of the train station .. id got the 'fast' train today ... in otherwords it dont stop at every stop so was in preston for half 12 .. nipped into primark ... had a quick nosy .. no white cardigan or jacket .. cream yes, black yes, grey yes, khaki yes .. white no... well tell a lie there was a white cardigan .. but the blouse im wearing the sleeves are longer than on that cardigan and frills ... no way .. Set off again for the bus station .. nipped into m&s and got a butty for my dinner .. i was feeling a bit peckish by that time. Well it was dinner time!!! Eat the butty going up to the hospital on the bus .. i got to the hospital bang on half one ... the time of my appointment.

Now every time they ask the same questions, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, mobile number, doctors name and where he is .. went through the whole rigmarole again. Nowts changed ..especially name, address, date of birth, telephone number, doctors or where he's based ..the only thing that could have changed is the mobile no .. but that hasnt either ... so gets directed to the fulwood suite. This was locked .. you can only get into it if you know the code .. which 3 nurses and a student nurse didnt ..and had to go to the next suite up .. and ask them what it was. I was sat next to an old lady who was sat there chomping away on blackcurrant sweeties .. and she said to me its a nice day today isnt it? Better than yesterday no rain. I said yes it is .. she said its warmer as well, ... you get the drift ...

So the doc walks down the corridor .. and goes straight into the suite .. the nurse props the door open and then asks anyone for dr .. i said yes i am .. oh go in and sit down ... and watch the mop bucket and mop and brush .. besides having a big yellow plastic sign saying be careful ... i'd already dodged that and sat down by the time she finished saying it. Doc comes out picks up the files .. there was another lady with her hubby .. and calls out my name and so i go in. This is near enough what was said.

Dr ... hello come in and sit down, when was your last fit ...
me .... 26 feb, but i've had 1 on 15th feb and 26th jan ..
Dr .. how many have you had since i last saw you in october ..
Me ...i had one in december, think in november
Dr .. so averaging out about 6 in 6months.
Me yeah
Dr what medication are you on (tells me the tablets ... i say 4 a day, 4 a day 4 a day 1 a day)
Dr .. no change in your medication .. and come back and see me in 6 months .. and dont forget stress and over tiredness brings one on. Fills in form and hands it to me to give to the girls on the appointment desk ...bye
Me ... Can i ask you something ..
Dr .. yes what do you want to know?
Me ... Well my boyfriend has just been diagnosed with epilepsy but he lives in scotland .. and i went with him to see his neurologist. And when he went to see him, the neurologist, he also saw an epilepsy nurse and a epilepsy action nurse, and they've been to his house to sort out a shower instead of a bath, radiator covers etc and been to his works. Why have i never been to see an epilepsy nurse etc ..
Dr ... he's in a different country, they have more money, but we do have a epilepsy nurse now .. and i'll sort out an appointment with her for you and you can talk things over like that with her.
Me .... Scotland isnt a different country .. its still part of great britain.
Dr ... they get more money than what we do. Do you want to see the epilepsy nurse .. and course i said yeah .. so he's sorting that out for me. Bye and see you in 6 months.

That was that!!!

In fact i was in and out of the hospital and back into centre of preston by 2.10pm. Not bad considering i've once gone for an appointment there that was at 2.45 .. and i was still waiting to see him at 4pm!!!

So wanders back through preston looking for this white jacket or cardigan .. found one in bhs that was ok .. it was a cardigan .. thought well i know its there if i dont find anything else ... so off i go, M&S, H&M, peacocks, next, dorothy perkins, topshop, debenhams, new look, primark (proper look this time) still i trots back up the road and got the one in bhs ...

Walks back to the train station got a capuccino .. and went over the bridge dodging the ticket collectors on the bridge, and sat down waiting for the train back home. Had a 25mins wait .. drank my cappucino .. and then went looking for a bin to put the cup in .. could i find one on platform 2 .. walking up the platform .. saw greg coming home from london ... he was waiting for the train as well. So was talking to him on the train home.

The cup? Well that went in my bag and i stuck it in a binbag when i got off that was were the doors were.

Gets home, made myself a brew, sat down and came on here .. knock on the door well a banging ... my nephew and sis .. the one who's getting wed on sat .. ive got a little job for you ... will you type these up .. theyre songs to sing on the bus ... So thats done .. Spuggie is coming down tomorrow night .. KSH is picking up his haggis on sunday, just dont come too early .... Oh and the house is a tip .. i need to tidy up tomorrow, go and get my hair done, nip up town, do the washing, get everything ready for saturday .. im going to be busy
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    sounds really worthwhile jen, i'm yon on monday. grrr.
    Posted 07-05-2009 at 22:56 by cashman cashman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar
    Next time go to the office on platform 2 they have a bin bag hanging behind the door for rubbish you can put your cup in there.
    Posted 08-05-2009 at 05:20 by Mick Mick is offline
  3. Old Comment
    flashy's Avatar
    excellent, love reading your blogs Jen...none of the major train stations have bins on them, its a bomb thing, or should i say its a safety thing lol
    Posted 08-05-2009 at 06:11 by flashy flashy is offline
  4. Old Comment
    katex's Avatar
    Glad you sorted out a cardigan Jen ... gosh, what a search eh? It will look great over that red and white top you bought.
    Have a lovely day ... best wishes to your sister ... x
    Posted 09-05-2009 at 11:15 by katex katex is offline

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