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Trip to A & E

Posted 17-06-2009 at 19:48 by shillelagh

Im typing this one eyed..... so be gentle!!!

Anyway yesterday i had another fit .. woke up in bed .. couldnt see out of my right eye .. went back to sleep .. woke up .. could open it a bit but not much .. went back to sleep finally woke up about 8.15pm and could open my eye half way but it hurt big time. Thought i had something in it .. you know when you get an eyelash stuck in it .. it was something like that. Anyway got up, changed, came downstairs and phone was beeping at me. Spug had sent a text ... and i sent one back saying ive had a fit ... and booted up the comp ...

Now besides the eye i have another carpet burn on my forehead and my cheek seemed to be swelling up... but i was worried about my eye - cos when that will swell up i aint no chance of seeing out of it. Im just hoping i dont get a black eye. Anyway sent a text to my brother ... and talked to spug on the webcam .. about 20 mins later receives the text back from bro .. are you ok? do you want to go to a&e ... well i was actually going to leave it .. spug told me to go and get it sorted ... so told him yeah .. be down in 10 mins .. so told spug to tell you were i was going .... so that some people wouldnt be worried were i was ...

We went over the top road .. that roundabout at britannia .. we went round it the wrong way ... there was traffic lights on it .. and we were directed that way .. its going to be a big one aint it. You dont realise how big the hospital is until you see it lit up at night from a distance do you. So we park up in a disabled spot as the drop off spots were all taken .. no wonder when you got inside ... talk about busy!!!! This was about 9.45 when we got there ..

No wonder they built the a & e there - right next door to the jjb football centre ... there were about 5 fellas in shorts tshirts and 1 trainer .. the other was being carried by the other bloke helping him, a man was dressed in cricket whites ... with a lovely red and white bandage round his head ... a few kids .... some limping others being carried by their mum and dad booking them in ... then 3 police persons came in escorting a bloke who was covered in blood ... he'd been in a fight in hyndburn ... 5 blokes jumped him ... so while he was waiting to be seen they were interviewing him to get his description of his attackers, and exactly what happened and as he wasnt exactly sober and his voice wasnt exactly quiet .. we got to find out all what happened ... A few more came in .. young kids and a couple more footballers then the piece de resistance ...

2 blokes both drunk as lords .. one scottish one english ... the english had a burnley shirt on .. the scottish bloke was dressed bit like rab c nesbitt ... vest .. ok it werent string and a pair of jeans. The burnley shirt had a cut on the back of his head .. the scottish bloke had a cut on the front of his head. They were escorted by 2 ambulancemen and 2 policemen ... they brought them in and sat them down on the chairs and told them to stay there ... they actually sat them on different rows ... well the scots bloke wouldnt stay sitting down ... and it was funny ... he followed the ambulance man back to the counter so he brought him back and told him to sit down and stay there till hed been seen ... went back to the counter and the scots man was following him again ... so brought him back and sat him down again .. turned his back and took 3 steps .. this time the scots man was going out through the door .. i want a fag he said ... dug a fag out of his pocket and went out the front door ... ambulanceman just shook his head and went back to the counter and gave over their details and went back to his ambulance ... The police gave up asking for details of what happened to them ... and left.

My bro wouldnt let me out for a cig ... he went out for a cigar though .. anyway at 11.30pm i escaped and actually wish i hadnt. When i went out there was about 4 blokes and a teenager .. the blokes all disappeared and that left me and the teenager ... the teenager started complaining about his carer .. i thought he was about 17 so maybe i was wrong .. but what was he out having a fag for ... anyway his carer came out and took him back inside. Left me on my own ... and the scots bloke came out he'd been sat next to my brother and i was sat on the other side of him and i could smell the booze and in actual fact just the smell was enough to send me loopy .. thats why i said i was going out for fresh air. Now with the carpet burn on my forehead, and my eye half shut and watering and bits of blood all over my face .. you would have thought i'd been in a fight ... this bloke thought so ... and told me ... then was after me selling him a cig .. problem was being i only had 2 on me .. and no more till i went to the shop today .. so i said no i cant ... he said come on .. just one... and wouldnt listen when i explained i had only 2 left ... till i got to the shop today ... well it carried on and carried on .. and in the end i just walked back into the a &e and sat down next to bro .. We had a bet going he said id get in at 11.45 i said 12.15 ... Luckily they called my name out. time 11.55 so both of us were wrong.

Bro came through with me and he took one look and took me into the back .... where there was a cubicle with a seat in it .. not a bed ...and told me to sit in there .. explained what had happened ... and he said well i'll just have a look. He said i'll be putting 3 drops in .. first one is going to numb it .. it will sting for 30 seconds .. something like hot pins going into your eyes .... oh my it went on for longer than 30 seconds .... i nearly went through the ceiling!!!! Bro was sat on the chair ..and he was smothering his laughter ... Then he put in another one .. what that was for i dont know ... then the last one was dye ... a yellow dye .. and it ran down my face, onto my forehead, down my neck onto my tshirt ... but some did go into my eye .... and with that found out id scratched my eyeball just above the pupil ... got given some ointment, put it in 4 times a day for 5 days and off i went home. When i was leaving the scots bloke was still in the waiting room ... and i felt sorry for whoever it was who had to deal with him.

Anyway today i rang docs and got an appointment to see him this afternoon. Goes in .. doc took one look he said you've had another when was it .. i said yesterday and went through what a&e had said. He said the only way that these heal quick is if you cover them with an eyepad for 24hrs .. stops the eyelid rubbing over them and making it feel worse. He is also - you know how i complained about my neurologist - well if something dont happen soon ... hes going to refer me to a different neurologist at a different hospital .. So am now sat here with an eyepad on under my glasses ... and one eye shut ...

That was my trip to a&e with the docs
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Jen, you do have an 'interesting' life....what entertainment at A&E and all for free.......
    Me, well I think you just do it to get to see hunky chaps....I've read your post about the handsome firemen....only joking!
    Glad to hear that you are OK...well sort of.
    Take care Jen.
    Posted 17-06-2009 at 20:15 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    West Ender's Avatar
    I could see it all, in my mind's eye, as I read it. You're right, I would have had a ball. Did Rab C Nesbitt end up with a dirty bandage round his head?

    Hope your eye feels comfortable and is soon well again.
    Posted 17-06-2009 at 21:46 by West Ender West Ender is offline
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    i got in and was leaving when he was going through so dont know how that ended or even how he was getting back home ... sorry westender
    Posted 17-06-2009 at 22:07 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  4. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    look after yerself cyclops, is that gentle enough?
    Posted 17-06-2009 at 23:39 by cashman cashman is offline
  5. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    so nice cashy dearest ...
    Posted 18-06-2009 at 14:18 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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