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spugs down ...

Posted 14-07-2009 at 22:32 by shillelagh
Updated 14-07-2009 at 23:30 by shillelagh

He landed friday night about 9pm ... I asked him what he wanted for tea .. and it was cissie greens meat & spud pie .. so had to go up hassy to make sure he had got his tea ...

Saturday .. my birthday. We went down town to the railway .. mick had told me to go down on my birthday for my pressie ... which i received ... yes mick i will get my revenge ... Cashy, less, lynx, pete and mick were there. After that went and got some shopping and then back home. We went to the sundragon at acre for tea .. it was good. Spug says we're going for takeaway some time this week.

Sunday .. well another trip to a & e ... Spug had gone up to his mum's to sort out the computer he'd brought down. My computer had gone belly up and I rang accyman .. he was telling me what to do ... when it happened .. and he rang for an ambulance and gave them permission for the police to kick the door in if it had been locked. Luckily it was unlocked ... though i did refuse to go with them first it was the technicians that arrived, then the paramedics, but i went when the technicians came back i went with them to the hospital. Like to be difficult dont i? Sent spug a text message so then he wouldnt be worried where i was and to get a key from my next door neighbour.

Anyway got to a & e and the technicians booked me in and was took through to a cubicle. There seemed to be no one else in the cubicles near me when i was took round ... but about 20 mins later it seemed to get busy. My brother arrived .. to take me back home ... and was sat on the chair waiting for me to be seen .. Anyway in the cubicle across from me was an old gentleman who had collapsed and his wife was with him. A nurse came and took my blood pressure etc and went away again and this old lady was worried about her husband and about ten past 4 she started shouting for a nurse to see to her husband .. its about time someone came to see to him etc i'd been there since 3.20pm and was falling asleep .. my brother said what time did you arrive here .. i said it was 3.20pm they said when they booked me in. Brother said to her my sisters been waiting since twenty past 3 and is still waiting to be seen .. and this lady its not good enough ... and went and saw the nurses on the desk. About 5 minutes later a nurse came to see her husband .. she seemed to be happy with that .. for the time being anyway.

Next up was a bloke shouting .. he didnt want to be here then shouting wheres the doctor ... a nurse had to keep saying to him the resident psychiatrist is on his way to see you will you sit down in your cubicle ... but he wouldnt do ... and so he was wandering around with 2 security blokes following him everywhere. Then the doc came to see me .. i want to check the cheekbone and eye socket arent broken ... and so had to go for an x-ray he said you've had a fit .. do you know where you are ...course i do .. i agreed for the 3rd time of asking to come to the hospital ... Hadnt broken anything and he let me come home. They had put a wristband on me .. i was glad they let me home .. Got home just after 6pm ... Have a cracking black eye ...

Monday was recovery day .. accyman came up to see how i was .. and fix the computer ... Cashy came up for a brew ... (yes ive edited it but i didnt want everyone to know cashy dearest had come up for a brew ... they might get jealous!!!) My next door neighbour came across to see how i was .. as i said i hadnt had one to her on sunday ...

Tuesday we went down accy shopping and i picked up my necklace from frank ogdens. Im so glad its been fixed and you can hardly tell it was broken and mended. So recommend them to you if you have a necklace broken ... it only cost 9.50 as well ..

For my birthday i wanted cash .. i want a scanner to scan all the old photos ive got and negatives .. as ive got loads of both. So ive now ordered that and will be picking it up on thursday ... So from Thursday i will be playing with this ... that is if im still alive after friday ... Spugs up to something ... which is going to come to fruition on Friday at the railway ... and im hoping i dont get blamed for it ... but knowing my luck ... i will!!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    can understand ya missing me outa mondays.
    Posted 14-07-2009 at 23:08 by cashman cashman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    hows that? am i forgiven ...
    Posted 14-07-2009 at 23:31 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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