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What have i been up to ...

Posted 28-08-2009 at 14:50 by shillelagh

... not much!!!

Well spugs came down to go to the meet .. and as you probably saw fell off the seat .. he cant go to a meet without getting up to something!!!! He came down on the saturday afternoon and went home sunday afternoon. He told me not to say owt .. but i did tell a few people .. Lynx came and picked us up .. and so had to warn her that she was picking him up .. well you never know what he gets up to. We all had a good time i think .. mick had even saved katex a seat next to him ..i wonder why!!!

Anyway what else have i been up to .. nowt much really .. spent the afternoon in Lynx's and Mac's and met Blue Rose .. turns out i know her from a rossendale online meet that we both went to!!! Tis a small world aint it!! Also gave lynx a spare wheatbag .. told her about em - she had a bad back .. and she says its work wonders for her!!!! Also told mel about em .. and she says she got the best nites kip ....

Spugs coming down tomorrow .. for a week this time though .. Its my brothers 50th birthday next week and i have plans for his 50th birthday pressie. As having now got this scanner ive been busy putting old pics on the comp .. and so what im going to do is the same as what i did with my sis .. get a cheapo photoframe and put a load of photos of him in it all through the ages and give it him, ive ordered a tshirt .. he's a rovers supporter - so its a claret tshirt with blue writing on it .. on the front celebrating 32nd anniversary of my 18th birthday .. and on the back its going to have the premiership league table on it .. showing burnley above blackburn plus multivitamins for the 50+ and grecian 2000 .. hey you only hit 50 once dont you!!! Thats my excuse and im sticking to it, though i am telling spugs to give him the tshirt .. he can run faster than me!!!!

My brother has been away on holiday this week with his daughter, her mum, my sis and her hubby and the youngest son ... leaving the eldest son at home with strict orders to look after Duke (the dog) and Miss Tibbs (the cat). Id promised bro my old digital camera when spugs bought me my new one at christmas. I told him i had to take all the pics off it then he could have it. I only got round to doing that last week and he came and picked it up on Friday night with batteries and the rechargable batteries and the charger. How hes gone on with it i dont know but anyway hes got it. My sis said i'll bring you up a door key so you can go and let the dog out during the day .. and never brought one up.

Anyway i rang my nephew up on monday night to see how he (the house) was faring and invited him for tea one night. Well had to make sure he got at least one good meal didnt i .. i wouldnt be a good auntie if i didnt!!! He'd also found out that going chasing duke into a river doesnt do mobile phones any good .. in fact its still not working. So i offered him my old one till he gets himself sorted with a new one. So had to clean that off as well ..texts were easy enough to get rid off, pics were easy enough to get rid off, and everything else .. except for emails .. could i get shut off them!!! and couldnt take my email accounts off it either. Even doing a factory reset didnt get shut .. Figured it out though .. using the nokia website!!! So Wednesday night he came for tea .. and he said its the second decent meal ive had since mum went on hols .. the rest of the time hes eaten takeaways!!! This nephew is 20 years old .. his gran used to be my cookery teacher and she taught him and his brother to cook never mind sis teaching em as well. He also was going to ring my big sis up on wednesday night to try and cadge his tea there on thursday night ... friday nite he goes to his dads .. Saturday theyre home!!! Gave him the phone with the charger still plugged into it ...i'd charged it up so i could see what i had to delete and i showed him where to stick the memory card into it .. but i had to unplug the charger from it. Will someone tell me what it is about fellas .. they cant seem to remember things ... When he was going he remembered to pick the phone up .. the charger sitting right next to it .. and didnt pick the charger up .. in fact its still sitting on my coffee table!!! Spug when he was down in July left his phone charger as well... and was charging it up using the computer cable!!!

Anyway thats up to date so far ....
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