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A trip to Liverpool ....

Posted 02-09-2009 at 23:18 by shillelagh

Oh my what a day. Ive just about dried out now so will update this. Spug wanted to go to Liverpool today to visit a friend of his who at the moment is living in Liverpool. So off we went for a day out.

Everyone knows i dont do mornings .. anyway was woken up about 7.45 this morning .. We were going on the train .. Accy - Preston - Liverpool lime st. Train to catch was 9.04 at accy ... was out for the bus at 8.35 .. and my next door neighbour was dropping her son off for his first day at college and picked us up and gave us a lift to the train station. So we were on time .. the bus was running late you see .. Gets on the train to Preston and gets to Blackburn and the steam train pulls in past us picking up its passengers to go on the settle - Carlisle route. Costs 59 each to go for the return trip. Spug "look at that" "what?" says i ..i could only see the claret carriages that went past .. i missed the steam train!!

So gets into preston .. i need a coffee to wake me up .. spug goes for coffee i get the papers .. he wants the sun .. i got the daily mail .. to do the puzzle pages .. and away we go. Train was running late .. trouble further on down the line .. somewhere in milton keynes!!! We settled down spug to attempt to read the sun, me to do the puzzle bits .. no pen .. so i read the daily mail .. I said to spug you know where you are going ..yes he said .. i know where it is .. you didnt print off the directions .. i thought you were .. so left it at that.

Gets to Liverpool .. found our way out .. and "its that way down to albert dock" and off we toddled down past debenhams, past the victoria statue, past primark etc down to albert docks .. its along here he says pointing left .. ok .. along the road that goes past albert dock ..keep going past all the flats .. by this time its raining .. HARD and we are getting wet .. you sure you know where you are going .. yes its along here .. and then you turn left .... ok .. keep on going .. even saw wapping on a road sign .. then theres a roundabout in the distance .. keep going .. then you turn left at the end of here .. which we did do ... We ended up in chinatown .. i got a cracking pic of the archway .. even though it was raining .. and spug said you'll ruin the camera .. ends up back at lewis's .. just round the corner from lime st station .. where we started from .. you dont want to hear what i called him .. it aint polite!!! The rain had eased off .. turns out for the time being. So we got a taxi .. and met up with his mate. Turns out that if we got down to the docks ..spug turned left .. but if he'd turned right we would have been in the right direction ..

So off we went back up into centre of town .. and im eyeing up places to eat .. its dinner time was 1pm by this time .. Didnt say owt ..but was taking note where everything was when spug asked what do you want .. i knew exactly were to go .. well would you follow any directions spug told you after that!!!! Plus taking note of where we were going so that we wouldnt get lost trying to find our way back to the train station ...

His mate had to be elsewhere at 2pm so he went off and left me and spug in the centre of Liverpool ... Spug "what about food" where we were i could see a greggs, maccydees, burger king, subway and a sandwich bar .. Pointed em out .. he says i fancy a brewers fayre or a tfi friday .. that is if we can find it .. i said well we past a brewers fayre or one similar to it down there .. where he says .. "down there" "ok you take us there .. I only took notice of it cos there was a very expensive jewellers shop ..that had some very nice bangles in the window .. they also had a not so very nice price as well .. one of em was 2200 for it ..but it was nice!!! So found the pub .. was a 20 minute wait for food .. but it was worth it. I dont eat much at dinner time i normally have a big tea .. but oh my i got a foot long baguette sliced down the middle with cheese and ham on it with chips and salad .. spugs had steak and chips and veg and tomato .. Anyone going there its called the hogs head .. go down the side of boodles jewellers .. and its down there somewhere ..its worth it!!! While we were in there the rain came down again .. it was pouring down .. i was glad we were inside and drying off a bit. It eased off again just as we were leaving.

When we left there i said i want some pictures of the liver birds .. them birds the sailors always looked out for when they were coming home to liverpool .. so off we went back down to the docks and guess what happened .. the heavens opened again .. im going to be lucky if i dont start sneezing .. but i did get some pictures of the birds .. and then we walked down the side of the dock .. and saw the trotters van ... still heaving down .. so off we went back into the shopping bit ..headed up the road .. aiming for the train station .. and window shopping .. some of them prices Rain eased off .. so we took our time .. and then yup .. it chucked it down .. we got drenched .. again .. then we had to walk round the corner the front of lime street station is having work done on it ..

Onto the train we went .. and back home .. It was about 7.30pm when we got home ..

Westender you would have loved the people watching .. a bloke got on the train at liverpool .. ever so nicely dressed .. suit, tie the full works he had a bag with him, and he got a book out of it to read on the train, he also had his tea with him from burger king .. he took his suit jacket off folded it ever so nicely .. put it in his bag .. then put the bag on the rail overhead .. then took his burger apart .. god knows why .. put it back together again .. and then stood up and got his bag down, opened it up and got his train tickets out of his suit jacket .. folded up again back in the bag .. and showed em to the ticket inspector .. then read his book and eat his burger .. and got off 2 stations later!!!

I know all that cos he was sat next to spugs opposite me .. not that im nosy or anything like that .. by the way the book was dalziel and pascoe book ... that ended up near enough in my bag .. he pushed it over so near to my side ..

Anyway that was my trip to Liverpool the pouring rain most of the time ..
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  1. Old Comment
    flashy's Avatar
    Jen, next time you want to go to the Docks, get off the train at Lime Street and get on the underground to James Street, its literally across the road from the docks, if you book your ticket to Liverpool and ask for 'all stations' it see's you right through to James Street, it saves walking all that way up and down through town and it doesnt cost you a penny more
    Posted 03-09-2009 at 05:25 by flashy flashy is offline
  2. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar
    Lol, you dozey pair!
    Chinatown's only yards from the station.
    Blame the rain, for making you lose your bearings.
    Posted 04-09-2009 at 16:01 by garinda garinda is offline
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    Hey dont blame me .. anytime ive ever gone to liverpool its either for the airport or the docks and my sisters or my brother in law has took me - in the car!!! Spugs was the one who said he knew where he was going .. not me!!! lol
    Posted 04-09-2009 at 19:15 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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