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No electric ...

Posted 26-10-2009 at 00:28 by shillelagh

Well Monday i didnt have any electric. United Utilities sent out a notice saying they were turning the electric off at 9am and it would be back on at 6pm. It had the normal warnings - dont open your fridge or freezer doors, leave a light on so you could tell when the electric was reconnected etc. It also had the phone number for you to ring if it hadnt come back on an hour after it was supposed to come back on. I swapped the phone over before i went to bed - from the cordless one to the old one that plugs into the wall. Made sure id charged the mobile up as well so i had that just in case anything went wrong. Well i spent most of the day in bed .. was recovering after having spug down for the weekend!!! Thought 6pm its back on .. dont need a torch or candles etc .. its just getting dark .. so little did i know!!! I was lucky .. i have a gas cooker so i could brew up - boiling a pan of water .. plus my brother who lives up the road his leccy wasnt off .. so if need be i could go and break into his house .. well actually i have a door key to his house .. and i could have gone up there. My brother came round about 5.30pm - asking how i was and if i were ok. Did i want to go up to his house? Said i was ok - no its not worth it - the leccys coming back on at 6 - so little did i know!!!

Well 6pm arrives ..and no electric .. it said on the notice that it could go up to an hour over .. if its still not on by that time ring this number and they will find out whats going on. It was also getting dark ... darker than what i thought .. so i started lighting the candles .. found the torch before it got too dark ..and found the little led lights i have that run on batteries .. so i was doing alright. Was sat here with the curtains open and the extra light of the street lights as they were on and the phone rings .. spug checking up to see how i was and if i had any leccy yet. Told him no it hadnt come back on yet. Anyway eventually he rang off after keeping me company for a while ...

7pm arrives .. still no leccy. So its an hour after it was supposed to come back on and so i rang them to find out what was going on. Got through to a liverpudlian .. asked my name and where i lived etc she said that there had been problems with replacing the cable and it would be 8pm when it was turned back on. Ok .. Next up she said do you want to be treated as a priority case - and they would contact me if it wasnt on at 8pm and tell me the new time. Said yes i would .. she asked me my phone number and i gave it to her and my mobile .. and she said they would contact me if it wasnt 8pm. Spug rang me again to check if i was ok and if i had leccy .. I also came on accyweb using the mobile .. that runs down the battery something terrible though ... but i was missing the accyweb fix!!! But the mobile when i was using it gave off quite a lot of light ..

8pm ... still no leccy .. and no phone call from united utilities ... am just thinking how come the street lights are all still on but yet all the houses are off. When all the street lights went off, and the houses that did have electric up the road .. they went off, the light in the school went off ..and the lights on the building site across the road went off, what was the pub they went off .. it was total darkness except for the car lights going along the road. The kids were having a field day outside!!! They went off for about 20 mins... then they all came back on - except for the houses that had been off all day ...

It finally came back on at 9pm ... oh it was so nice to have a brew ... but then it was changing the clocks, the central heating changing that clock, the sky box, changing the phone back again. And telly but most important had the computer back again ..and could talk to spug!!!

That was last Monday ...
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