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Another trip to preston ..

Posted 17-11-2009 at 22:57 by shillelagh

You've read my blogs before about visiting the neurologist .. and the trials and tribulations .. well this one was going too well .. i should have known something would go wrong ..

Appointment 2.50pm .. id asked for an earlier appointment when they made it .. but there wasnt any .. so i knew there was a good chance i was going to get caught up in the traffic on the way back down into preston. Plan - catch 12.30 bus down accy, catch the 13.06 from accy .. hit preston about 1.30 .. saunter through preston have a nosy in primark, up to the hospital in time for the appointment with any luck miss the students coming out of college and all the traffic .. and then have another wander thro preston catch the train home ... get something for my tea in accy and up home. Plans do go wrong dont they?

Just 12.25 just picking up my coat .. knock on the door .. was a young lad (age 18/19) with a leaflet in his hand 'just handing these out and asking if you any dead trees need cutting down or they need trimming?' Now you can see my front garden there are no trees - you can if you come to my door see into my back garden - no trees .. my neighbours yes they do have trees both in the front and the back ..but i dont ... I said can you see any trees? mmmm .. Sorry to bother you i'll still leave you the leaflet just in case .. and left ..leaving me with a leaflet and thinking im not leaving the house till they'd left .. the van they had had scrap metal in the back .. anyway they left down haslingden way .. and i was locking the door when the bus went past .. typical. Gets the next bus down town .. got something for my dinner cos i knew i'd miss the 13.06 as you have to walk back round now - the bridge out of commission .. Walking up blackburn road i crossed over so i wasnt walking past the railway .. otherwise i might have called in and missed the next one!!! Goes and gets the train ticket at the office and the 13.06 leaves just as i was paying for the ticket. So walks back round. Thought yes i could go and have 5 mins with the researchers ..but knowing me and knowing them id end up missing the next one - the boneshaker that stops at every stop .. so resisted the temptation .. so carries on up to the train station. Catches the train and lands in preston about 2pm. Just coming into preston looking out the window - and there was part of a rainbow it seemed to be fading away .. the sun shines on the righteous dont it ..and sent that to mick .. and turned my phone off .. didnt want to know what the reply would be .. wandered down to the bus station - i didnt go in any shops thought i wont have time to have a proper nosy ... straight to the bus station .. and bus up to the hospital ..good job i did .. a lot of traffic .. and landed there at 14.45 .. signed in went through the whole rigmarole again .. found out theyd never changed my mobile number ... its 2 years since i changed it ..and id told them before!!

So told me where to go .. not the usual place ... and i sat down had to wait about 15 mins .. then in to see him .. and it wasnt my usual doc either ... it was one of the others .. went thro it all again with him .. hes upped my tablets gave me a prescription get it at the pharmacy .. come back in 6 months!!! 3.15 i handed the prescription in .. and she gave me a ticket - number 24 ... she said we are very busy at the minute .. theres an hour wait .. we shut at 5.15pm if you want to come back or you can come back tomorrow ... At that time they were on number 8. Now i was very good .. i didnt swear .. i just said ive come all the way from rossendale its took me roundabout 2hrs to get here .. and you want me to come back tomorrow? Im going to wait. Had to get another appointment .. 6 months .. try 7 .. i dont go back till the middle of June ... that took 15 mins ... went out for a ciggie .. then back in and had a wander round the shops .. then sat down to wait.

They were on number 16 by then ... sat there waiting .. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 ... they were sat near me the woman went and got her prescription, came back, put it into her bag, zipped it up, her hubby put his coat on, then they walked away and were out of the building before they called 24 ...I went to the counter .. he said do you know how to take these tablets .. yes .. are you sure... yes . i take them already .. you certain you know how to take them .. yes .. hes only upped the dose so i already know . you take them 1 extra morning and night and in a month take 2 .. yes i know ... we just have to make sure you know because we've only put as directed on it as the directions are too long .. then took them out of the box ...and showed me the label ..then couldnt get the bottle back in the box!!! Finally i got them .. and stuffed em in my bag and caught the bus back into town. By the time i got back into preston it was 4.30pm so knew the shops would be shut by the time i got into accy .. needed something for tea .. so nipped into M & S and down to the train station .. 17.22 train to accy .. it was late not by much ....

Finally got home just after 6.30 .... So 6 hrs it took for 10 mins with a neurologist .. was it worth it .. we'll see!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Phew Jen, what a palaver. It made me tired just reading about it.
    Posted 18-11-2009 at 17:33 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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