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Decembers blog part 3

Posted 09-01-2010 at 02:31 by shillelagh

you got the trip up, the trip back home, now what happened when i was up there and the pics ..

Sunday we went shopping .. now spugs said to me ages ago that when it snows in grangemouth it dont lie .. they crank it up at the refinery and it melts ... so he dont get it like we do .. and when its snowed in the past down here ive sent him pics and hes been jealous. Well it had snowed all day on the friday before i went up and it snowed on the saturday when i was on my way up there and it snowed on the sunday .. and it was deep .. and when we were going down to the asda and the earl of zetland for tea seeing as there were nowt in for tea .. there were 5 flares going on the refinery but it werent melting ..

Ive told you about the earl of zetland before.. its a witherspoons pub in an old church. Its the one with the chandelier. Its very nice .. and good food! After tea went over to the asda .. this was about 8pm by the time we went over there. Up there when they say 24hrs theyre open 24 hours .. even sunday!!! So we got our shopping .. stuff for tea on monday and tuesday cos spugs was working, and stuff for me for my dinners, and sweeties. Was introduced to something called red kola .. it tastes like kola kubes and very nice it is too. I brought back a 2 litre bottle of it well spug carried it ..

Now i'd took up christmas pressies for spugs from his mum and me and i also took up some of mine with me. Id took my goldfish up to my brothers for him to look after .. he still has them now .. all 3 of em .. and my bro wouldnt give me my christmas pressie from my niece he said i'll drop it off when you come home. I still havent got it yet .. even though he picked us up from the train station!!

Anyway when i got to spugs .. no christmas tree .. i said weres your christmas tree .. he said i'll buy one this week .. i've got a pic of spugs christmas tree .. i think you will agree its a bit different!!! So there was no where to put the pressies .. so they were kept in my bag ..until the xmas tree went up.

Monday and Tuesday spugs was working .. so i was left to my own devices. Well safest place for me .. with no sense of direction as such and wouldnt know where i was going was staying in which the best place for me was bed .. and i hijacked spugs computer and was on there eventually when i got up.

Now spugs said Wednesday morning i will get up and go and get the turkey and everything for the christmas dinner .. and i'll be going at 6am .. to make sure i get there before the hordes ... and while it wont be busy. Anyway thats what he did do. And when he came back he told me what we were having .. starters carrot and parsnip soup with shallots running through it, main course turkey and all the trimmings, dessert christmas pudding and cream. I got that pic of the Post Of Ice in Grangemouth its their main office in the shopping centre. I thought it was funny especially seeing as it was full of snow and ice in the centre.

On Thursday (Christmas Eve) we went to Stirling. I want to go back to have a proper nosy .. it got a nice shopping centre .. Spugs got me my christmas pressie .. a handbag i picked it out in m&s .. I didnt have enough time to have a proper look .. it was my own fault .. i wouldnt get out of bed ... and we were looking for another christmas pressie as well. Anyway we came back to Falkirk and went to tesco was the nearest to the train station. Now spugs said i need a roasting tin for the turkey tomorrow. There were a 4 or 5 of em and i said well take your pic .. and picked one up .. and said what about this .. he said yeah looks ok looks big enough to fit the turkey in. I said will it fit in the cooker .... he said yeah it will do .. are you sure .. yeah it will .. he puts it in the trolley and we carry on .. getting bits and pieces to keep us going .. Comes home by this time it was going up for 8pm .. and spugs takes all the shopping into the kitchen .. Jen .. yeah .. we got a problem .. goes into the kitchen ..and spug is knelt in front of the cooker .. with the door open and the baking tray sticking out of the oven .. it didnt fit! It was ok he had another one that he was going to use for the veg .. well that was used for the turkey ..

Christmas day .. spug did all the cooking .. well spug did all the cooking full stop .. i have a gas cooker - he has an electric cooker .. the last time i used an electric cooker i set fire to the pan .. so it safer i dont use an electric cooker .. thats my excuse and i sticking to it!!! So he made the soup ..oh and it was really, really nice .. i liked it. Then did the turkey, roast spuds, new spuds, brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, gravy, stuffing, i got the cranberry sauce, it was brilliant. He is a cracking cook .. way better than me. There were so much didnt want to have the christmas pud .. so we said we'd have that when we came back from his aunts .. its still in its wrapper up there waiting for spugs to go home!!! Anyway we went round to his aunts and they werent there went to his cousins ..and they were there. Spugs built a snowman on the bin .. instead of building a big one .. they built it on the bin so it was just as big as the neighbours!!! We got home about 11pm ... spug went in the kitchen he said it feels warm in here ... thought i'll have a pick at the turkey ... opened the oven ... and it had all dried up ... he'd left the oven on from cooking the dinner and hed put the turkey back in the oven .. to keep it warm .. but hadnt turned the oven off. So we didnt have left overs for the turkey ..

So that was saturday - friday .. thats another blog!!!
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