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March part 2

Posted 09-03-2010 at 00:18 by shillelagh

so friday was Harry's 21st birthday meal and celebration.

For his birthday .. he wants to do a parachute jump to celebrate his birthday .. god knows why .. anyway he wanted money to pay for it. So i had the bright idea to get 1 coins one for each year ... I started collecting them at beginning of Feb .. do you know how many 1 coins are still in circulation from 1983, 1985 etc .. i do!!! Must have had loads. Spugs was saving em as well. When he was down for valentines he brought about 30's worth of 1 coins .. and i only swiped 2 of em!!! The rest id got. But last thursday was the time to count em all up ... was missing 1991, 1992, 1998 and 1999 and of course 2010. I have a bottle full of change .. so went through that .. and there was still some missing. So spugs said do a mix of them all .. i had a 1998 2 coin .. so that went on .. worked out about a tenner in coins .. all from different years since 1989 .. except for 2010 - but i had 10 1p pieces .. so they got stuck on to make up for not having a 2010 coin. I also ordered a tshirt from dave .. 21 yesterday celebrating today on the front and downhill all the way from now on .. on the back. And did what i did for his mum and my brother on their birthdays - a birthday photo - all their old photos .. not all nice ones pulling his face etc ... and bought a frame to put it in.

We were told to be at the cantonese on Grane Road at 6pm for 6.30pm. Sis had told me dont forget your camera ..your going to be the only sober one and you are doing the photos!!! Bro said i'll pick you up at quarter to 6 .. dont be late!!! He pulled up outside and beeped his horn .. and off we went to pick up his youngest and her mum. They werent ready anyway we left just after 6 .. and we were the first ones there. Then car load by car load .. they all turned up ... there was about 25 of us all together a variety of ages - niamh being the youngest at 4 nearly 5 up to Mick. So you can imagine what it was like!!!

We were sat on 2 tables .. and we all had a good time. We ran a kitty for the drinks - all the fellas stuck a tenner into the kitty. Ladies were exempt from this!! and the kitty had about 2 left when we left!!! We were winding up one of his mates up by saying vodka and diet coke was a girly drink .. We left there about 9.45 and walked up to the holden arms. Now you can imagine we went through near enough 100 on drinks only on our table in the 3 hours we were there so you can imagine what they were all like. There was only me and my brother and niece who werent drinking on our table .. Bro took his daughter and mum home and left the car at home came back in a taxi, both my sisters left their cars in the restaurants car park, all in all most of the cars were left in there and picked up saturday afternoon ..

Anyway we walked up to the holden arms .. they have a lap dancing pole propping one of the beams up ... oh it was funny .. they also do karaoke on friday nights but we all escaped that. But the pole was a different matter .. most of us got pushed forward to have a go .. will admit this harry was the best of us!!! Jimmy ordered at the bar for harrys mate who was drinking the girly drink - double vodka in a pint glass and fill the glass with diet coke .. theres no vodka in here he said - and necked half of it .. then said oh my ... Best was the bit with his dads girlfriend .. as it was near enough all our family there .. and there was a discussion going on how bonkers we were .. and she said that we werent bonkers we are just a warm and lively family ... mind you this was about 1/4 to midnite .. and everyone had had a few by then.

Last orders was shouted out by the dj about 12.45am .. and a very loud discussion between nephews and nieces about going to rawtenstall either to madisons or to the rhythm station!!! They booked a minibus to take em .. and his dad, his girlfriend, and my brother went with them. I rang for a taxi to come home .. i wasnt going down rocky .. and came home about 1.15 ..

when i got home i booted the computer up to put the photos on the computer and if they didnt need mucking about with .. i could stick em on facebook .. anyway they needed too much mucking about with. I honestly didnt realise how many photos we'd took .. just over a 100!!! knew i shouldnt have left sam in charge of the camera ... Just turned the comp off and phone rang .. it was my brother 'what are you doing still up .. just walking past your house and all the lights are still on .. said was just putting the photos on the comp do you want a brew .. no he said im going home .. this was someone who had 4 pints of guinness and who doesnt normally drink .. and was went down rocky with his nephews and nieces at five past one .. and was walking past my house at 2.14am .. havent seen him since!!!

Saw my sisters on sunday - one got up at 8am ..did the washing, tidied up .. and went back to bed at 3pm and didnt rise till 10pm ... the other got up at dinner time!!!

Anyway heres some pics from the nite .. you will be able to tell which ones are in the restaurant and which ones are in the pub!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Sounds like it was a reall good do.......and the pics confirm it.

    Good blog Jen!
    Posted 09-03-2010 at 17:41 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    it was margaret ..

    will say this for my family .. we do know how to party!!!!
    Posted 11-03-2010 at 14:27 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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