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school days .. part one

Posted 13-03-2010 at 00:56 by shillelagh

reading shakermakers post in the thread about schools and education took me down memory lane.

I went to hassy high school .. now i missed the last couple of weeks of primary school because we always went to ireland for the 12th .. either travel early on my birthday or a couple of days before .. it depended on when my dad had got the ferry tickets. Because id missed them last 2 weeks .. i missed some of the exams .. the ones that decided which class you could go in .. now that first morning at hassy high school was scary there was only 250 kids in the first year. The first year was at ryefield avenue half of which was hassy county primary now its all and the first years go down to broadway... id missed the trip to go round the school .. i was away on holiday ... so i hadnt the foggiest where i was going .. luckily it was easy enough to follow the noise and there were about 20 of us coming up from rising bridge and most of them knew where they going .. they'd gone on the trip. Walking into the hall 250 kids .. everytime the door opened .. it quietened .. more kids coming in .. and the noise level went back up. Then the teachers all came in and the year head and deputy year head. Everything went quiet and the head and deputy head went up onto the stage ..and the teachers stood against the wall looking over the kids. She stood there and welcomed us all .. and said she was going to read out the classes .. and she'd start from the bottom going upwards .. Hassy highs classes then were in 3 sets .. Top set L, P and H, Middle set was C, S and G and the bottom set was N, E and M.

Now i know i werent a brilliant student .. i muddled through best of times. Anyway i got put in class E .. in the bottom set in the middle. Didnt do too bad that year .. even though my sisters soon to be mother in law was one of my teachers .. highly embarrassing .. first lesson .. walked into the cookery room we were all stood there .. and she said everyone take a seat ..then jennifer you sit here .. pointing to the seat right in front of her .. i was heading to the back safely out of range... and failed!!!

The first year was memorable .. I got a full month off school .. i broke my foot in a pe lesson on the 1st March .. and went back to school on 1st April!!! I only went over on my ankle playing netball .. it was the period before dinner on a thursday .. was lucky my dad was at home .. there was snow on the ground .. and was took to accy vic a & e .. and put in a cast up to my knee with a bit to walk on it on the bottom and told not to walk on it for 3 days till it set and strict instructions do not get it wet. Mum couldnt believe it .. no one else in our family had ever broken anything .. not even my brother anyway home .. and not allowed out because of snow on the ground!!! Anyway rang the school up and told em that id broken it i had a cast on and wasnt allowed to get it wet so wouldnt be in school till the cast was took off. So the head of year swung into action .. she sent home via my neighbour .. a leather cover for the cast for when i could walk on it, and a pile of school work .. which i did in one day sent it back .. and didnt get any more!! Did ok in the lessons .. english teacher who was also the year head .. gave us all a book to read in lessons .. Charlottes Web .. i loved that book and read it in 3 nights at home!!! We were only supposed to read it in lessons .. and i read it at home .. and one lesson .. why arent you reading it jennifer .. ive already read it miss .. no you cant have ..tell me what happens .. told her exactly what happened .. will say this for her she still knew who i was 32 years after she taught me .. when i saw her last year

Anyway into the 2nd year .. then it was down to broadway .. free bus pass ..bus took you down to school no walking through hassy and getting wet .. and picked us up again at 3.30pm and brought us home. New teachers some of the teachers who taught us at Ryefield taught down at broadway ..but quite a lot of them didnt .. so it was get used to different teachers and different ways of being taught. It was mainly the older teachers who taught at ryefield .. 'the old school' We had one teacher .. my first lesson .. have you got a sister called marilyn .. i went to school with her!! Some of the other teachers had also taught my brother and other sister .. a few varied comments .. one of which was i hope you dont turn out like your brother .. if only they could see him now!!! But i flew in the lessons .. can still remember some of my marks .. 92% in french .. 87% in geography .. the killer being the maths 97% ..

Went back in the 3rd year and our class formroom was the art studio .. on top of the school .. we could brag to everyone else because we'd got the best form room .. came to half term .. got pulled from the classroom and sent to the head of year .. mr cooper he was called .. and he was tall .. very tall .. and blonde haired .. you could see him coming a mile off .. he could also see what you were doing ... Jen you are moving classes ... you are being moved up to G .. your marks have improved ..and we were going to move you at the end of the 2nd year but we wanted to see if you kept on getting top marks so that is why we've waited. Congratulations. My first response .. no im not going nowhere. Im staying where i am id made all my friends and didnt want to move. He said why not and then carried on explaining why i should move and that it wasnt fair to the others in the class .. and you'll make new friends as well. Nope .. he said well come monday morning you will go to L2 which is 3G's class room and you will join that class.

Wrong come Monday morning .. i went to the artroom .. Mr Moss our form tutor came in .. sit down i'll get the register out .. what are you doing here jennifer .. you are not in this class any more you should be in 3G .. i said i dont want to move up .. and i said i wouldnt .. stubborn wasnt i .. He said i cant mark you as here as you're not on the register anymore .. and if you dont go and get your mark a letter will go home to your mum and dad .. now mr moss had met my mum and dad .. and the scary bit was he liked my mum and dad .. tho he knew what mum would say .. i said im here im a member of 3E etc .. it ended up mr cooper coming up to the artroom and he said that if i didnt go down then i would be in school detention for the rest of the year ... school detention being 1hrs detention after school in the hall on a monday evening .. and it was only october .. its a long way to July .. So i got up and moved .. and i hated every single flipping minute of it. Kids had all made their friends ... so it was an outsider joining ... i didnt have the same teachers .. well i had a couple but the rest were all new to me .. taught me different .. id missed half a term of what they'd been taught .. it took me the rest of that term and good part of the next to try and catch up. Parents sent me for extra maths lessons on a wednesday afternoon .. oh my i hated them. Had a french teacher who wrote in my book after marking my work you should go back down because you are not up to this standard . 2 weeks after id moved up .. my sis saw this and she and mum went in and had a conference with the head of the school and mr cooper .. after that the french teacher totally ignored me .. but i showed her what for.. 3rd year you picked your choices what you wanted to do in 4th and 5th year .. she went through the list yes if you want to do french .. yes you can do french .. you could if you tried a bit harder .. got to me .. you cannot do french in the 4th and 5th year you have no grasp of the language etc .. did my exam and got 95% ... she was gobsmacked .. and said oh jennifer you can do french .. all over me .. i said do you honestly think id ever take french with you as a teacher .. loud enough for the whole class and the head who was walking past the class room to hear. Guess who spent the rest of the lesson in the heads office being told that it wasnt a nice thing to say to a teacher .. i ended up in detention for it but it was worth it!!!

The third year was also the year i started smoking ... and the person who started me off .. my best friend at school .. died a few years ago from cancer .. We got caught smoking walking down broadway by the head of the girls .. she was scary was Mrs Parker .. Have always said this .. if my mum and dad hadnt laughed it off, treated it as a joke and gave me a ciggie at home i probably wouldnt have carried on. But i got away with it .. took the schools punishment .. and carried on smoking!!

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  1. Old Comment
    flashy's Avatar
    lol, you have a great memory Jen, the only things i can remember from my school days where me and tinks misbehaving
    Posted 13-03-2010 at 09:02 by flashy flashy is offline
  2. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    just wait till you hear the rest ....
    Posted 13-03-2010 at 14:10 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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