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some more ..

Posted 09-06-2010 at 16:30 by shillelagh

will do the schooldays part 2 another time but for now i'll update what ive been up to.

Well at the minute im sat here with a tongue bitten and swollen like anything and a bit of a headache. Yup i've had another one .. but this is only my 2nd this year. The other was at the end of April .. so im doing well. Was on monday night .. now this is the scary bit .. ive never had one at this time before 9.30pm ... woke up about 10.15pm in bed got up and came downstairs .. the light was on, the curtains pulled, the telly on, the computer on .. and open to accyweb as usual ... Can remember saying nite nite to spugs on msn .. he went about 9.30pm .. and i had it afterwards. No bruising .. just a bit tongue on both sides and a sore nose .. right on the bridge .. so dont know what i hit .. or if i did hit anything. Still have a fuzzy head - well headache but otherwise im ok.

I read Margarets blog about going to the dentist .. and guess what - i got toothache. So rang the dentist up .. he took an xray .. and showed me exactly what the problem was. I got an abcess .. he gave a choice - one to go the antibiotics route .. and try and save the tooth .. or pull it out seeing as there isnt much bone where its sitting. He showed it me and in any normal person the tooth is sat in bone 3/4s of the way up .. well in me its about a 1/4 if that .. im loosing my teeth big time. My old dentist actually put it down to all the medication ive been on for the epilepsy. Anyway seeing as i aint got that many teeth left .. i went the antibiotics route .. wish i hadnt done now. I googled the antibiotic .. and it said not to take em if on certain epilepsy tablets. Now they werent the ones im on .. have taken em in the past .. but not taking them now. Sunday about midnight .. it started the side effects .. i was rough and spent all day monday in bed till 4.30pm ... then thought i need to get up ... try something to eat .. and fill my bottle full of water. I was rough .. and then i had the fit at 9.30pm ..

Tuesday i rang the dentist up .. told em what had happened .. she said she'd put a note on my records and ask the dentist and ring me back .. im still waiting for the phone call from the dentist. Rang the docs .. my doc is on holiday till next monday - i could either ring back and make an appointment with one of the other docs or wait till thursday and make an appointment with my own. I have to go and see the consultant next tuesday in preston .. so thought i might as well wait.

So now you know why i havent been on top form this past few days .. ive been rough!!!

Anyway what else have i done .. spugs was down at easter and the following week .. have had a pile of birthdays in may .. including spugs 40th .. he getting old .. hes had his hair cut .. SHORT im calling it a skinhead .. it that short ... hes calling it a no 3 ... yeah well he aint got that much hair anyway ..

I get every 2 weeks Ringtons come knocking on my door. Can remember when i was a kid they always came knocking on the door .. and mum always got her tea from them .. then they stopped coming around. Anyway theyve started again .. and ok i dont drink tea .. cant stand the stuff .. but they do a good range of biccies .. and their brazil nut cookies are to die for!!! Thing is Spugs loves em .. and nicks em when he comes down .. and he likes their coffee. My next door neighbour ... she tried em .. and nicked the whole packet .. well she left me the money to get her two packets .. and a packet of breakfast tea .. but they dont do it on the van. So after having a nosy round their website .. got another pkt of biccies ... to try .. one for her and one for me .. and now another neighbour wants some .. well theyre going to have to wait 2 weeks before hes back again!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    Take care Jen xxx
    Posted 09-06-2010 at 17:17 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline
  2. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    jen, paris recently had a tooth out cos of n abcess, that was after hospital n anti biotics, which were no use whatsoever, fer what its worth, getting the sodding thing out.
    Posted 09-06-2010 at 18:36 by cashman cashman is offline
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    i cant .. its one of the front teeth .. and i dont have that many left .. im going falsies way soon ...
    Posted 09-06-2010 at 19:11 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Hope you are soon feeling better Jen...take care....and go easy on those biccies, they aren't good for your teeth(or the waistline)
    Posted 10-06-2010 at 12:49 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  5. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    well if ya go fer falsies jen, i got a spare set.
    Posted 11-06-2010 at 12:11 by cashman cashman is offline
  6. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    cashy i dont have that big a mouth .....
    Posted 11-06-2010 at 21:24 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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