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Boxing day ... and after

Posted 31-12-2010 at 01:34 by shillelagh

When we eventually got up .. and got moving .. we went up to the spugsters mum's ... he'd rang her up to make sure she was in .. and we took up the sausage and black pudding and the christmas pressie i'd got for his mum ..rang for a taxi ..and off we went .. She was waiting for us .. and she had pressies for us .. the spugster got a jumper and its very nice .. suits him .. i got another 'slanket' tho its called a snuggie .. a black one this time .. so ive still got one for when the other is in the wash ... We stayed up there for about 3 hours .. had a brew was talking and watching telly ... then we came home .. and spugster made tea .. sausage and scottish black pudding for our tea... i had a grilled tomato with it .. spugster put his on bread and made a butty out of it .. a change from all the rich stuff from the day before ...

Monday we had a wander down to winfields and had a wander round. Spugster had dropped one of his gloves when he was on his way to work before christmas and he wanted another pair .. i got some granny slippers .. theyre like them ugg boots but only come up to the ankles and red to match the 'slanket' and contrast to match the other 'slanket' ... We came home from there and made gammon and salad and i had a jacket spud for tea ...

Tuesday was the family party cousin and his wife live out in china for time being ...they came back for christmas ... spent it at his wife's dad down in leicestershire .. and then come up and stop at big sis's for a few days .. then go on up to his sisters who lives in scotland .. in fact only about an hour/hour and half away from the spugster .. in the borders ... so they came up on the 27th .. and went up on the thursday to his sisters .. i missed it last year ... as i was up at the spugsters ..and so i hadnt seen them since sisters wedding in may ... Off we went ... neighbours were there, the house was packed .. my brother picked us up and took us down ... all in all there was about 35 of us and duke the crazy dog .. who was having a field day going from one to another ... he got loads of attention .. neavy was drawing pictures of everyone .. i still got mine .. she got my earrings off to a 't' and she didnt forget my glasses either .. tho i did get told to pull my hair back so then she could see my ears ... Then my cousins wife got out her goody bag .. she'd brought all the girls a pressie .. i got a chinese good luck charm which is now hanging down by my computer and calvin klein beauty perfume roll on and body lotion.

The fellas all got into watching the football ... when you got man utd fans, burnley fans, tranmere fans and blackburn rovers fans all in the same room watching a football match .. what do you get ... the spugster was sat there listening every so often was heard to say .. what they going on about ... every so often we'd drop in well man utd cant be up to much .. seeing as man city is top of the premiership ... etc and set them all off again ... us ladies do have to do these things .. when it was half time then it was a discussion the best player that ever played for man utd ... one came out for george best .. another came out for eric cantona .. that started another argument ... well into the second half ... in fact my great nephew who is a burnley/man utd fan .. his dads a man utd fan his grandads a burnley fan and takes him to all burnleys games and gets him a season ticket .. was in the middle of it all .. aged 7 and loving it ...

When the football was over my niece and her partner decided to take the kids home .. they didnt want to go home .. it was hard work trying to get niall to stop beating the not so little nephew up with the cushions . the cushion fight the not so little nephew had started wi niall .. he'd forgotten 7 yr olds do have a lot more energy than 18 yr olds that are slightly drunk ... Neavy didnt want to go either .. even tho she was scared of duke at first .. she was stroking him by the time they were leaving...

Then came the cricket ... and that was another discussion .. who was best ian botham or freddie flintoff ... We left there about 12.30am .. seeing as we were off out on wednesday night .. and we knew there was a good chance it was going to be a late night ...

Wednesday night .. was a cracker .. out with the old accyweb chatroom ... slinks, tinks, accyman, ginger, spugster and me ... we got home just after 3am ... more later!!! as im tired and i wanna go to bed ...
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    cashman's Avatar
    glad yas had a good night jen, would ave loved to have been yon, but as ya know couldn't.
    Posted 31-12-2010 at 08:18 by cashman cashman is offline

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