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a month later ...

Posted 19-07-2011 at 00:27 by shillelagh

and in that month ive been to preston, visited gordon riggs with my sisters, been teddie sitting, had my birthday and today is my nieces birthday, had another one .. thats why there hasnt been another blog lately, and had the good news the spugsters coming down and the bad news he'd had one as well ...

Right so first, had an appointment to go to see the neurologist over at preston 28th june 2.10pm.. got a letter from them cancelling that appointment and giving me another one on 7th july at 9.10am ... now anyone who knows me even slightly knows i dont do mornings .. and to get over there at that time in the morning meant leaving home at 7.25am .. to try and get there for that time of morning. So rang them up to try and get a later appointment .. they gave me a choice 6th september or december as this was the first appointment they'd given me from cancelling the appointment in december last year and i was supposed to see him every 6 months ... well i kept the appointment with the warning there was a chance i could be late .. thing was i had another one on 27th and i probably would have cancelled that appointment because i dont think i would have been well enough to get there.

Id been up early for a couple of mornings because id been teddie sitting .. looking after my nieces dog while she was at school and her mum was out on the school trips and so out all day and it was too hot to leave him in the house all day ... so he'd been in and out of the garden all day next doors cat decided it was a bad move to come over and see me ... he did a runner as soon as he saw teddie ... made arrangements wi the spugster to give me the early morning fone call to make sure i was up ... it only took 6 calls for me to answer .... and off i went to preston .. at 7.30am .. got down town .. went and got my train ticket .. seeing as ive to get mine before i get on the train if i want to use the railcard .. and went and got a paper from tesco and back onto the railway station and waiting for the train. Train came and i nearly fell asleep on it going to preston .. well normally at that time im normally giving it some zeds ... got to preston walked thro town to the bus station .. just missed the bus up to the hospital but another one pulled in ... theyre every 6mins anyway .. so 9am it set off ..

i walked into the hospital at 9.15am id warned them that i could be late ... 9.20am sorting details out ... told to go to the fulwood suite... gets there and watching jeremy kyle ... advert break came on .. and she shouted my name .. told me to sit down . and said i thought you werent coming he doesnt normally see you if you're late .. and i said ive set off from home at 7.25am to try to get here for 9.10am i warned them there was a chance i was going to be late .. and she said well the secretary normally tells us if you are going to be late ...and i said i told them .. and then she said you set off at 7.25 where do you live .. i said accrington .. she said wheres that .. i said you've heard of hollands pies and winfields ..oh ive heard of winfields .. and i said near there ... oh you have come a long way!!! then he opened the door and beckoned me in .. when was your last one .. i said last week .. he said i think we'll try you on keppra .. i said ive had that and had the side effects no thanks... he said well you are on the best ones .. no change and i'll see you in 6 months .. and that was that ... went to make the appointment we'll send it you .. i said can you make it an afternoon .. she wrote it on .. and the time of the bus ticket that i got on .. 9.54am!! total waste of time possibly at least they listened when i said afternoon appointment. That came through last week next appointment is in January and it is an afternoon one.

Got back into preston .. and wandered thro nosying in the shops .. had to go in M&S needed new trousers for work .. so went and got them and visited the cafe and got a breakfast butty and caramel latte .. After that i went and wandered some more .. and back to the train station and accy .. got into accy and i sent a text to mick to see if he was in the railway ...he was with less .. and so i called in ... then went and got some shopping and home .. and i was bit tired .. and went back to bed ... for an afternoon nap!!

One of my sisters sent me a text on thurs nite .. you want to go to gordon riggs on sat to have a look for the plants to go where the garage was .. yes i said .. she said i'll pick you up at 11 ... she picked me up at 11.30 .. with my other sis .. and off we went .. wandered round gordon riggs to decide what we wanted ... then off for our dinner at the cafe across the road and then back into the garden centre and get the plants .. we didnt get home till 4.30pm!!! I got a blueberry plant .. and some others as well .. theyre all planted up now some in the garden and some in pots ..

And the spugsters coming down .. 5th August and goes home on 14th.. giving you warning .. if you want to escape accy while hes down .. theres the warning!!! He had another one as well .. while he was sleeping and bounced himself out of bed .. he sent me texts at 3am in the morning and didnt know he'd sent me them ... and he had plenty of bruises .. hes ok now tho .. i tried ringing him got no answer .. and found out later he'd gone down town shopping and got his hair cut .. and left his fone at home!!

the pictures are of teddie, the blueberry bush, some of the garden and my brother and me at the wedding
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    some nice pics yon, hope yer ok.
    Posted 19-07-2011 at 07:51 by cashman cashman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    The hospital visit seemed like abit of a waste of time...but at least you got a look round Preston(still you could do that without going to see the Quack).
    The pictures are lovely Jen....and couldn't you just eat that Teddie?

    Hope both you and spugs are recovering well........what are you like eh?
    Take care.
    Posted 19-07-2011 at 10:34 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  3. Old Comment
    DaveinGermany's Avatar
    You could've shaved the hounds tail & head too & where's your posh frock for the wedding ?
    Posted 19-07-2011 at 16:39 by DaveinGermany DaveinGermany is offline
  4. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    im recovering again margaret ... i had another on tuesday teatime ... this time ive done some damage ....

    Dave .. i dont wear dresses nor skirts ... or if i do its very rare ... and i looked posh enough in trousers ...
    Posted 20-07-2011 at 21:32 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Oh Jen........It seems like the meds don't control you very well.
    Hope the damage isn't too much(please not teeth......)and the insurance covers it(I was going to put a smiley, but it isn't much to smile about is it?)

    Jen you are look lovely in your picture.....not posh, but elegant(that is better than is only the hoi polloi that want to look posh)
    Posted 21-07-2011 at 12:30 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  6. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    ive got a fat lip, bitten tongue, bruises in places i wont talk about on here, bruise on my elbow, a great big scrape/bruise under my chin which has swollen up, bruise on my eye, cuts and scrapes on my chin and cheek and my cheek has swelled a bit ... i think thats it so far .... at least one thing tho ... it said the keyboard was waterproof .. and it was ... there was coffee everywhere ... but the keyboard still worked ... tho im not right sure whether the printer will work ... i bust the trays out of it.
    Posted 21-07-2011 at 19:31 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Jen get some Arnica 30 c for the bruises(holland and Barrett) It will take the discomfort out of them and they will disappear a lot quicker.
    Sorry to hear that you got so roughed up.....but the bruises will heal....the printer will either have to be mended or replaced.
    Posted 21-07-2011 at 20:06 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  8. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    i have an arnica gel ... and i use that ... but the worst bruise is the one on my chin .. where the scrape is ... so darent put it on that ... but the gel is elsewhere margaret ...
    Posted 22-07-2011 at 22:00 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Jen I didn't mean the Gel.....although it is good. I meant the pillulles.......they would work on all your bruises even the ones you can't should also have some Aconite in(again 30c) this is taken as soon as you come round and it is for shock....together the combination are superb.

    Marnie was running home from School one day and tripped right in front of the gatepost she headed the stone and you could actually see this egg size swelling coming up........and she cried so much the sobs made her catch her breath. I took her into the house and got my homeopathic first aid kit out and gave her 30c of both Arnica and just let them dissolve on your tongue.

    You could see the swelling still coming up, but she stopped crying.....15 minutes later I gave her another dose of both remedies and by the time we were going home the swelling and the bruising were going down.
    It sounds unbelievable, but my friend was here(she is a nursery nurse) and she was amazed at how the stuff worked.Both of these remedies are available in Holland and Barrett.....Ok they cost 6 quid each but they would last you quite a while.

    Oh and they do not interfere with whatever other medicines you take.
    Posted 24-07-2011 at 08:14 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  10. Old Comment
    heth's Avatar
    You look very nice in the pic!
    Hope that you are feeling better soon.
    Posted 25-07-2011 at 00:46 by heth heth is offline
  11. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    thanks heth ...
    Posted 01-09-2011 at 23:53 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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