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A busy month ....

Posted 02-09-2011 at 01:14 by shillelagh

Well ive had another busy month .. have had the spugster down for 10 days, the accyweb meet, days out with my sis .. in haslingden and helmshore of all places, meeting margaret p, teddie sitting, taps deciding to go on strike ... so here goes ..

Well the spugster was coming down on the 5th .. and yes i know hes coming to see me .. but get the house tidy, all the washing done, sort everything out for him coming down ... did i do it .. nearly ... Anyway he landed late .. missed his connection in preston .. id arranged for my brother to pick him up .. seeing as he was bringing everything down and the buses had all changed ... sent texts to everyone that the haggi's had arrived ... and some picked em up fri nite .. some picked em up saturday .. and i did a haggi and square sausage delivery to the railway.

Anyway we'd decided we'd go out for a couple of days out ... one to go to york to the railway museum .. and when my bro in law fixed my tap for me (the washer had gone the tap wouldnt work and could i get hold of a plumber!) and i was talking to my sis and i said we were thinking about going to york and the railway museum my bro in law said oh i wouldnt mind going there ..havent been and when we went to york we didnt have the time to go there .. so i said well come with us. My bro in law has recently retired and he dont like it he's used to working .. so on the tuesday we went to york to the railway museum. Went thro on the train - gave lancsdave a shock i was in accrington before 9.30am we were supposed to meet the bro in law about 9.30am .. and i was scared we'd miss him ... and he dont really travel on buses and dont know accy on foot .. normally travels by car. So we met him off the bus .. he'd come down on the manchester one ... and off we went to the train station .. and off to york.

Landed there about 12.15 .. 2hrs we had to swap trains at bradford i think it was too many people on the train .. and found our way to the museum across the footbridge and in we went. We came out of there 4 hours later ... and still didnt see everything. Id took my camera ... and i got loads of pics. I lost spugster and my bro in law many many times ... and i either found them or they found me we caught the train back home at 5pm .. and landed back in accy at 7pm my sister picked us up and brought us home ..

Wednesday we had plans to go to bury for his black puddings .. well that was scrapped .. and thought well we can go on friday instead .. that was scrapped and we went to rawtenstall instead .. and got his sarsparilla and dandelion & burdock and he got cream soda as well and lancashire sauce. I knew i shouldnt have took him that bottle of sauce up in march .. he was taking back up as much as he brought down ...

Saturday was the accyweb meet .. we had a good night .. and for once the spugster didnt wreck the pub we were in ... or get up to anything .. and Sunday he went home.

Ive been teddie sitting again .. my niece disappeared off to ireland with her grandma and left teddie at home with her mum ... and her mum was going out for the day and didnt know what time she'd be back .. so i had him running around the garden all day .. his version of gardening meant either lying down where i'd weeded the garden, next to me or in shade of the gate .. or digging up the lawn .. still got to sort that out. He went home just after 11pm ...

Then last weekend it was Haslingden IDL's centenary celebrations - its over 100 years old but they were celebrating 100 years of being in the club .. they'd got it from haslingden con club - who had moved to their john st location .. which is now where the co-op is .. and my sis said come and bring your camera and take some photos for us.. it was on saturday and sunday .. and they'd arranged to go round helmshore textile museum on the saturday and then back to the club and either a davitt walk or a film in the club, irish music by the band that practices in the club and food, and then entertainment at night in the club. Sunday was the funday .. the brittannia coconutters, irish music again, bouncy castle, kids entertainer .. you know the kind of thing .. all day sunday. My sis said i'll pick you up at 11.30am .. Id made arrangements to go and get my hair done at 9am in hassy on the sat .. id just hoped id be back home before she came to pick me up!! gave mick a shock i was on aw before 8.30am .. was in hassy before 9am got my hair done and walked it home from hassy picked up a couple of conkers in worsley park for my greatnephew and niece .. got soaked as it started raining just as id got to the little chef.. was changed and ready for her picking me up ..

Id never been round the museum .. and it was interesting, didnt think they'd have all the stuff they do have, eventually got the water wheel moving, the spinning and the looms going .. was told we had to fill in a form if we took photos ... well guess who forgot .. but i did go back on sunday and filled it in and now im waiting to hear if i can put the photos on the web ... ie facebook and the IDL's website. If i dont hear anything by the end of the week then its ok ... so if i dont i'll post some on another blog. I stayed at the club instead of doing the davitt walk .. and watched the film which was acted out by kids from haslingden high school and produced by horse & bamboo theatre at waterfoot and teachers from hassy high. It was very good ... I was there till about 5.30 and then off to tesco wi my sis and back home ...

Sunday i was picked up again by my sis.. and up to the club we went. Got took down to the museum to fill in the form and they werent right sure had to ask the boss and she wasnt in ... anyway havent had a phone call yet .. so fingers crossed. When we got back up to the club the coconutters had arrived and was dancing in the club as it had been raining .. there were a couple of groups who had set up stalls in the club as well to raise money for them. One of aw's members Anzac had saved the paper copies of the local newspaper and she'd brought one of them up .. and we'd been reading about the club .. but there was one advert that caught our eye .. Witch Soap .. the soap for everything - laundry, dishes, face .. it would be cheaper now .. and i ended up with having my photo took with one of the committee members reading the paper for the local paper ..and yes its in there .. The irish band was doing a set .. then the coconutters did another set .. and then the kids entertainer was upstairs .. and guess who was the bouncer .. and chucked 3 kids out .. their parents were downstairs ..and said to them well you must have been misbehaving then so deserved it ... and carried on drinking!!! All in all ive had a very busy month .... but the good news is i didnt have another 1 ...
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  1. Old Comment
    heth's Avatar
    Wow you have been busy Jen!!
    I am glad that you aint had another one, that would have spoilt all of your fun that you have been having!
    Posted 02-09-2011 at 06:55 by heth heth is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Busy makes me dizzy reading about it all.
    You need to be putting your feet up for a rest.
    Like the pics......great!
    Posted 02-09-2011 at 08:26 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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