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feeling doubly guilty

Posted 17-12-2012 at 01:11 by shillelagh

that i havent done this for a while ... but ive had a bit of something on my mind .... and a few interesting months like having my first trip in a police car, first time in a court dock ... but its all sorted now .. and now my brains back in gear again ...i'll update this!!!

So besides all that ... what else has been going on ... physiotherapy ... with any luck fingers crossed i'll be told on wednesday that i wont have to go back again ... oh damn .. ive arranged to meet someone at the same time my appointment is .. i knew i should have put the appt in my phone!!! I tell you physio, family, christmas pressie buying sends you loopy dont it ...and birthday pressie buying .. Thats another .. went into the card shop next door to wh smith in the arndale .. and i asked where's your funny cards .. theyre normally on the wall .. but its all christmassy stuff .. oh we've put them away for christmas .. does no one have birthdays in december .. now dont get me wrong but they had some out .. years, mum, dad, niece, sister, etc and some that you'd send to friends of a certain age kind of thing .. but this was my niece whos been ill for the last 8 months .. and something to cheer her up .. so wanted a funny one .. anyway they lost out on another 6 cards .. i gave them to the girl to put back ...and walked out. I noticed while i was nosying around ... that they had 1 aisle both sides of christmas cards .. but yet the same cards were 3 or 4 times else where .. gawd im turning into a grumpy old thing arent i? I think its the season ....

Anyway, ive been tedsitting as well .. looking after the tedster .. he even managed to escape his collar .. leaving me with the collar dangling from the lead .. .luckily it wasnt too bad .. was on a lane ..and no traffic .. but he'll be blaming me for his owner getting him a harness instead .. Took him down bash lines the day before the snow and he nearly got out of it again .. thing is he looked up at me when i nabbed him as if to say .. nearly Hes very sneaky is that dog .. and very spoilt .. but very sneaky .. any dog that comes along he'll lie down ..very passive .. till they get along side him and then will fly up and bark or growl at em .. conquered that by when he laid down was stand over him and shorten the lead right down so he cant get up thing is only does it to bigger dogs ... him a little shih tzu .. he goes to tangle with german shepherd, spaniel, collie and one that was giant size and dont know what kind it was ... the spugster says its cos he thinks hes a big dog and can take em on ..

The spugsters been down a few times .. he was with me in court .. and he got a trip in the police car as well .. but he sat in the front .. i sat in the back. We went to Manchester Christmas Markets with my sis and her hubby and met up with my nephew and his girlfriend in manchester. Spent a good few hours there .. came home with the manchester christmas market 2012 mugs .. id stuffed tissues in the bottom of em and put em in my handbag so then the remanants of the hot chocolate wouldnt spill out .. the spugster took his home. Mines still going strong!! so far

Went to the trades procession in Preston for the Preston Guild with my sister, hubby and bro .. me & my sis lost the males of the group ... typical we found out after they were in the pub .. instead of getting something to eat .. That was a very good day out .. we enjoyed it and went down to avenham park and walked round that and listened to a couple of the bands that was on ...

anyway im off to bed now .. i'll speak soon ...
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Don't feel guilty Jen.
    Use the motto, 'Never Excuse, Never Explain, Never Complain - that's just the way it is'
    Sometimes life, real stuff in the real world gets in the way, has to be dealt with, before any of this virtual stuff gets a look in.
    Hope the ride in the police car was 'interesting'.....not too fast or scary!
    Posted 17-12-2012 at 07:25 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is online now
  2. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    were yeh both handcuffed?
    Posted 17-12-2012 at 09:05 by cashman cashman is offline

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