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im bored ...

Posted 20-08-2013 at 11:20 by shillelagh

this is what happens when you are stuck in the house and cant leave .. and you know theres stuff you can do .. but its a waste of time doing it. Why? this is why

A couple of years after mum died I ended up getting a visit from occupational therapy .. they gave me a kettle tipper and perching stool for me to sit on when doing the ironing ..that's the holder for bags, towels, teatowels, binbags etc .. and they said then the bathroom was dangerous for me .. if I had a fit when in the shower id either go head first into the loo or bang into the washbasin and it needed changing into a wetroom to make it safer for me. This was about feb when they came .. and anyway they ran out of money and nowt came of it. I never bothered about it.

In march this year this from the after effects of the cast last year .. and physio etc ends up at accy pals for a follow up for the physio. Occupational therapy because I needed new straps. Well is there anything else you need while you're here? I said why I had a visit a few year ago and they said my bathroom wasn't safe and said they'd sort it out .. but it never was done. We'll refer you to rossendale and see what they say. So at the end of May I had a visit from an occupational therapist .. she saw the kettle tipper I have and she said oh we don't do them now .. saw the perching stool (id cleaned it off for her visit ) and she said but you mentioned the bathroom can I see it. She said its not safe this you could hit your head on the safety rails .. (they were fitted for my mum) and you could hit the toilet etc. Im going on hols for 2 weeks im going to put in a recommendation that you get a wet room fitted with safety flooring alter the bathroom ...well I thought nowt came of that from last time... so little did I know...

Visits from the council, forms to fill in for a disability grant .... quotes to go out, letters from council giving me a list of what theyre going to do .. what firms would be doing the quotes, is it ok to give them your phone number to contact you so they can come and see the bathroom .. etc etc ....

Their representatives came ... both the same day ... one was supposed to come at 10am .. well you know me I don't do mornings .. but I made sure I was up .. 9.30am just eating my breakfast .. kettle on to make a brew .. make sure im awake .. a knock on the door .. it was the first bloke. Well I offered him a brew .. he said no ..I just want to see the bathroom. So I said ok .. and took him upstairs .. and showed him the bathroom. Hes measuring up ...and checking stuff .. and Id been told I could choose the colour of the flooring .. so I asked what colours could I choose from he said if we get the job then you can choose. So I thought ok he was a bit off putting. he was out of the house in 15mins... Second bloke was booked for 11am. He landed 10mins early. I offered him a brew .. he said ive been out all week doing quotes and he said you're the first one whos offered me a brew .. and yes I will have one!! Then he rooted in his files ..and he said you can choose the type of flooring as well as the colour .. heres the samples you can choose from .. you don't need to choose right now but it would be better if you did then we can put the order in for the flooring and so we'll be able to start the job sooner! 2 types of flooring and 9 different colours .. totally different from the first bloke .. he was more friendly etc so you can tell I was hoping for the 2nd firm to get it. Well they did.

And that's whats happening now ... started yesterday morning .. didn't know what time they'd arrive .. so booked an early morning phone call from the spugster at 7am .. so I could have a shower and be ready for 8am just in case. Which I didn't get .. I sent him a text to say I was up so he didn't need to ring .. anyway he arrived at 9.05am .. Shower tray ripped out, the tiles are all ripped off the walls .. the ones my dad put up ... wall paper ripped off the walls, washbasin smashed to bits .. and that was loud .. wondering what the hell was going on ... So im chief brewmaker this week, cant go shopping until after 5 and even then I cant cos my nephew has took to coming for a brew before work at 4pm and dumping his stuff, and then coming back when he finishes at 6.30 and another brew before catching the bus home ...

So the list of stuff I could do .. its a waste of time .. cleaning up is a waste of time ..theres dust everywhere .. and its going to get worse as the week goes on .. so what to do .....
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Oh Jen...glad you are getting sorted at last...heck you have waited long enough.
    The upheaval will be worth it once you have a nice new wetroom....if you want anyone to hepl with the cleaning up....don't call me. I've enough of my own to do...and I keep turning my blind eye to it hoping the house work fairies will come in the night...FAT chance!
    Posted 20-08-2013 at 14:32 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    MargaretR's Avatar
    At my new address I have been supplied with a battery operated bath lift. I was 'launched' yesterday.
    The shower in the en-suite is small, with no hand holds, and caused me to have a nasty accident when I tried to use it.
    Posted 20-08-2013 at 17:54 by MargaretR MargaretR is offline
  3. Old Comment
    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    Be worth the upheaval to be safe Jenxx
    Posted 20-08-2013 at 22:20 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline
  4. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    I know .. but I didn't think anything would happen .. like last time .. and its happened a lot quicker than what I thought it would .. from the end of may to now ... even my sister said probably be oct or nov when they get round to it ..
    Posted 21-08-2013 at 20:45 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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