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Well ....

Posted 30-10-2013 at 23:36 by shillelagh

what an interesting time ive had ... I got a bathroom .. that scarily looks like a hospital bathroom with the flooring .. but oh my that first shower after it was done .. oh it was brilliant ... The spugster came down and changed the flipping settings on the shower and I thought it'd broken .. would have killed him if he had. The spugster tried blowing up his apartment block and having 2 fire engines and 1 ambulance and 2 police cars there at 8.30am on a Saturday morning. Scared the living daylights out of me that did .. when he sent me a text to say he was in hospital. Hes back at work now ... was off for 4 weeks because they had to skin his arm because of the blisters. I had another one a couple of days after that .. and im in recovery again with bruised ribs at the min .. had another Saturday .. so im not exactly with it .. and ive got all sorts going on.

So back to when the bathroom was being done up .. something started beeping one night.. and then gave up .. and beeped again the following night ... checked the smoke alarms, checked the alarm clocks etc wondered if it was something the fitter had brought in with him .. so following day I asked him .. he checked all his tools and he said no it wasn't his stuff ... then he said it could be the radio .. its got a clock on it it has an alarm clock on it ..I wonder if that's going off .. never had any complaints before though ... well he took the radio home with him ..and nowt beeped ... so we thought it was that. Turns out we were wrong .. the damn smoke alarm .. it drove the spugster nuts when he was down .. and it drove me nuts .. thing is them things are built strong. The hammer bounced off it when I tried smashing it to bits .. didn't even make a dent on it. Nephew stood on it ... I know he don't weigh a lot - hes going to join the marines .. and in training a lot to keep himself fit .. he did a tough mudder ... wi some off his mates a couple of weeks ago. When he stood on it it made a cracking sound but it was one of the plastic bits that hooked into the bracket on the wall. Thing was the damn thing was beeping about 11pm and finally would give over about 3am .... even pressing the button to reset it wouldn't stop it beeping. Sent an email to fire brigade telling them what was happening. Got a phone call from them a very nice lady who said i'll get in touch wi the manufacturers and they'll be in touch with you. They rang me up about an hour later and said they'd send me a replacement out in the post - which is sat on the settee at the minute haven't put it up yet. Well the other was driving me nuts after the replacement arrived .. I chucked it outside. It was a fine day .. and it started bleeping ... my neighbour who had her doors and windows shut could hear the beeping noise inside her house and rang me up ... I chucked it in my 'weeding old washing up bowl' which was full of water .. and I still heard it beeping and flashing ... anyway it went in the bin on the Tuesday and if it beeped after that ..well its the binmen to cope with it. Manufacturer didn't want it back .. I wonder why?

The spugster was here for just over a week in September .. yes he dragged me to the railway .. and I got out of there alive... just!!! Went to rammy farmers market and hassy street fair, went to bury with my sis and her hubby, spent his money wi the ringtons salesman ... and what he bought he forgot to take it back with him .. so I ended up posting em up to him ... sent it so that he had to sign for the parcel .. that way we were sure that it'd get there. And that was the morning he tried blowing up his apartment block. A gas lighter canister leaked and the firemen said a spark off the back of his washer lit the gas and there was a blast ... that burned his right arm very bad, a few singe marks on his left arm, singe marks on both his feet and ankles .. luckily he had a pair of trakkie bottoms on ... cos he was going to stick his washing out .. his trakkie bottoms were shredded .. what wasn't done by the blast was by the nurses in the hospital ... It also took blew his living room door off its hinges .. A neighbour of his rang for an ambulance for him. This is the spugsters sense of humour .. he was highly fed up .. one lot of neighbours love having parties .. which start about 6pm on a friday and end about 6am on a monday.. just at the time when hes getting up for work .... so he thought hed get is own back for a change .. the noise from the blast would surely have woken em up. Wrong they had stopped out that night at a friends ... and he was highly fed up that the one time he could have got his own back that they weren't snoring away in bed. I found out what was happening because I sent him a text to see if the parcel had arrived .. and he said I don't know im in hospital .. so that was me panicking .. and worrying what was happening .. He finally rang me .. told me the basics what had happened. He was bandaged up like a mummy .. turned out the blisters on his right arm the liquid was turning into gel so they had to skin his arm and take the blisters off ... and he couldn't go to work cos of the dust in work if that got in before it healed proper then he'd have got an infection and what would have happened then. Hes back at work now tho .. it healed faster than what they thought.

To cheer him up I sent him a sweetie goodie parcel up last week .. delivery Saturday morning ... and he knew it was coming ... and he gave up and went out shopping and they came to deliver it at 12.50pm ... so now its sitting in grangemouth post office waiting for him to pick it up!!!

What else have I been doing .. well like I said im in recovery again, bashed the computer and printer .. but they still work well they would have to otherwise I wouldn't be typing this would I?

Anyway a little snippet of whats been going on .... now im off to bed ...
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    Who said Life is just a bowl of cherries Jen? ruddy liars me thinks.
    Posted 31-10-2013 at 06:30 by cashman cashman is online now
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Jen, I hope your recovery is speedy.
    My word...your life has shall we say....'interesting'.
    certainly not boring, but I reckon you could do with a great whacking lump of 'boring' to give you time to recover.
    Posted 31-10-2013 at 09:31 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is online now
  3. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    I could do with that mrs p .. definitely I could ... lol

    agree with you cashy there .. honestly I could ... a
    Posted 31-10-2013 at 20:51 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Turtle's Avatar
    Whew! A little boredom would be welcome, I'm sure!
    Posted 01-11-2013 at 20:51 by Turtle Turtle is offline

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