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well ....

Posted 18-06-2014 at 23:49 by shillelagh

ive just read Margaret p's latest blog .. and it brought back what my mum and dad told me about when I was born

I was born at home .. 11.35pm on 11th July. My dad was looking after my sisters and my brother downstairs .. the midwife with my mum upstairs. My dad always said that he was wishing id hurry up .. my brother says he was hoping id take all night to be born because they were being allowed to stay up till I was born and the midwife had sorted everything out.

My mum was given 3 due dates .. 10th July, 12th July and 3rd August .. so I being difficult was born in between .. mum always said it was a sign of what I grew up to be like .. if there was a choice of 2 id pick the third. Mum and dad always said if I'd been born on the 12th July I'd have been called Wilhelmina ... I always said to that I must have heard what they threatened and pushed my way out a bit quicker. They'd also picked Jennifer if I wasn't born on the 12th but couldn't come up with a middle name .. well the midwife said to them Marie goes well ... so mum & dad picked my first name and the midwife the second.

According to what my mum said my brother when told that he had a new baby sister pulled his face and said I wanted a brother send her back I want a brother. He probably thinks the same now ...

The nurse that came round to check on me a couple of days later and to check that mum had everything said to my mum I don't need to see that you got everything I know you will have got everything as its your 4th ... mmmm so little did she know I was asleep upstairs in my sisters doll's cot ... my sisters dolls had been evicted and Id been put in there as my mum had got rid of everything after brother had grown out of it all so she had to order everything new. The pram was at the door a big silver cross pram that had arrived the morning I was born. The cot had been ordered 3 weeks before and still hadn't been delivered. So to make do till it arrived sisters dolls had been evicted and I had the cot. The cot didn't arrived for 3 weeks after id been born either. Mum said she kept going down to the shop where she ordered it and asking where it was and when I arrived she pushed me down there in the pram and said where is her cot .. it should have arrived by now. Anyway it finally arrived and I migrated to the big cot and my sisters dolls got their cot back. Funny thing is I had that cot for my dolls when I was a kid .. so it got plenty of use did that cot!!!

After that they found I was allergic to milk. Everytime my mum fed me I threw up ... she'd surround herself with towels and then try and feed me ... and Id throw up within a couple of minutes of her finishing. No one could figure out what was wrong with me .. I was losing weight because I was throwing up the milk ... We had a new doctor and he was doing a home visit for my brother he'd had another fit and mum was just starting to feed me when he arrived. He told her to carry on ..and when he saw me throw up after he said you know whats wrong with the baby don't you shes allergic to milk i'll give you a prescription for you to get this allergalac I think it was called .. and my mum cursed me, dad cursed me, everybody was cursing me .. why .. well this replacement milk stunk to high heaven my mum said and my nappies were flipping awful ..but I thrived on the stuff .. put back on the weight Id lost and more besides ...

so that's the story of me when I was a baby ...
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    So you have always been very individual Jen.
    I'm glad my little story rattled some of your memory stones loose. We could do with more bloggers on here reading this stuff and adding to it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of your entry into the world.
    Posted 19-06-2014 at 13:34 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Turtle's Avatar
    I enjoyed your story too, Jen. Thanks for sharing
    Posted 20-06-2014 at 00:10 by Turtle Turtle is offline

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