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this year so far ....

Posted 21-05-2016 at 15:30 by shillelagh
Updated 21-05-2016 at 15:39 by shillelagh

has been one rubbish year so far .... but its getting better next Friday the spugsters in Lancashire for 10 days ... Anyway back to the beginning of the year ...well to December .. I was going to the spugsters for crimbo ... and brother i'll take you to the train station .. sister says i'll take you .. well I said bro has already said he'll take me. Big mistake .. he said i'll pick you up about 11.15am .. he hadn't turned up at 11.20 so I tried ringing him .. no answer .. it ended up my sister taking me to preston and I made the train to Glasgow because that was running late!!! Anyway made it up there .. had a nice time ... and all hell let loose on the trip home. Due to the floods over Christmas and new year .. it ended up it took me just over 8hrs to get home, its normally only 4 1/2hrs .. id booked assistance because just in case ... when we got to Edinburgh that wasn't booked .. and I was on a coach from Edinburgh to Carlisle ... Id left the spugsters about 12.30pm .. and left Edinburgh at 3pm ... i got to Carlisle about 5.15pm due to the blizzard conditions coming through the borders ... but because the other coaches were somewhere behind us didn't leave Carlisle on the train till 6pm ... got to preston just after 7pm and just missed the train to accy .. so I had to wait for the next one ... things always go kaput when I travel. One good thing though out of this ... I put a complaint in about the train being late going .. and got a 45 travel voucher for trains .. and another complaint for the journey home .. and got 25 for that one ..

Anyway ive been bad with the fits .. had 2 in February that means ive had hospital appointments coming out of my ears since. And now ive had the last one the other week and got the results of that one I now know that because the surgeon will not operate till ive gone 5 years clear without having one and it would be a full shoulder replacement when he does do it .. The two fits I had in feb have done some damage .. ive chipped my shoulder .. when I got told that I thought it would be like a little bit .. fragment .. when I got shown it its the size of an old 10p .. and they actually don't know where its come from. So im now going to be having steroid injections into my shoulder and have to go in as a day case .. im waiting for the appointment coming. Another one was they thought I might have done the scaphoid in my left wrist this time remember I did that in the right a few year ago .. well it turned out after having a scan it wasn't .. ive now got physio at accy pals instead of Blackburn .. I asked if I could be swapped to accy pals for physio because it was easier to get to .. ive been given some putty to try and build my wrist back up .. Ive had some cracking black eyes as well .. and ive had to get some new glasses I broke my glasses ...

So basically that's all ive done this year ... had hospital appointments .. and caused havoc ..
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Oh have been in the wars.
    Good to hear that Spuggie is coming down for a while.....hope you stay well and enjoy his visit.
    I thought about you over Christmas and wondered how you had gone on with all that bad weather.
    Hope things look up for you soon.
    Posted 21-05-2016 at 19:54 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Turtle's Avatar
    I hope things turn around for you Jen. You've had a rough year so far no doubt.
    Posted 21-05-2016 at 20:23 by Turtle Turtle is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Let's hope things really improve for you, and soon - let's face it, after all you've gone through this year (and you are still going through by the sounds of it) surely things can only get better.

    Here's hoping so. Best wishes to you.
    Posted 22-05-2016 at 09:08 by dotti34 dotti34 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    thanks everyone .. its been a rubbish year so far .. but with any luck its going to get better ..

    the weather wasn't too bad up in Scotland not like it was down here .. I was sat there looking at the photos and thinking im so glad im up here ... then got to thinking I hope everything is ok for when Im coming home ..
    Posted 22-05-2016 at 13:53 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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