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some more ..

Posted 09-06-2010 at 16:30 by shillelagh

will do the schooldays part 2 another time but for now i'll update what ive been up to.

Well at the minute im sat here with a tongue bitten and swollen like anything and a bit of a headache. Yup i've had another one .. but this is only my 2nd this year. The other was at the end of April .. so im doing well. Was on monday night .. now this is the scary bit .. ive never had one at this time before 9.30pm ... woke up about 10.15pm in bed got up and came downstairs .. the light was on, the curtains pulled, the telly on, the computer on .. and open to accyweb as usual ... Can remember saying nite nite to spugs on msn .. he went about 9.30pm .. and i had it afterwards. No bruising .. just a bit tongue on both sides and a sore...
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school days .. part one

Posted 13-03-2010 at 00:56 by shillelagh

reading shakermakers post in the thread about schools and education took me down memory lane.

I went to hassy high school .. now i missed the last couple of weeks of primary school because we always went to ireland for the 12th .. either travel early on my birthday or a couple of days before .. it depended on when my dad had got the ferry tickets. Because id missed them last 2 weeks .. i missed some of the exams .. the ones that decided which class you could go in .. now that first morning at hassy high school was scary there was only 250 kids in the first year. The first year was at ryefield avenue half of which was hassy county primary now its all and the first years go down to broadway... id missed the trip to go round the...
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March part 2

Posted 09-03-2010 at 00:18 by shillelagh

so friday was Harry's 21st birthday meal and celebration.

For his birthday .. he wants to do a parachute jump to celebrate his birthday .. god knows why .. anyway he wanted money to pay for it. So i had the bright idea to get 1 coins one for each year ... I started collecting them at beginning of Feb .. do you know how many 1 coins are still in circulation from 1983, 1985 etc .. i do!!! Must have had loads. Spugs was saving em as well. When he was down for valentines he brought about 30's worth of 1 coins .. and i only swiped 2 of em!!! The rest id got. But last thursday was the time to count em all up ... was missing 1991, 1992, 1998 and 1999 and of course 2010. I have a bottle full of change .. so went through that...
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March part 1 ...

Posted 08-03-2010 at 17:15 by shillelagh

Like i said in febs episode i had a very busy week last week. Last week i had 2 birthdays .. one on the wednesday and one on the thursday, then yesterday i had an agm and a funday for which a quiz had to be written.

Spent saturday and sunday and monday bringing the computer back to what it was before it had been scrubbed clean .. and trying to find everything again. Having to find all the discs for the computer again .. for the printer, the webcam, etc .. Accyman had put the keyboard and the mouse back on .. cos he'd needed them when putting it back together again!!

Went down town on tuesday and got birthday cards and pressie and wrapping paper etc ..for my brother in laws birthday on the wednesday and my nephews...
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February ..

Posted 08-03-2010 at 16:33 by shillelagh

I havent done this since end of January .. Ive had a lot going on since beginning of Feb .. arguing with rossendale borough council .. and winning .. birthdays and valentines day... so what have i been doing...

Well beginning of feb started with an argument with rbc .. big time .. and for a change i knew i was in the right ..its not my fault they didnt do their jobs right. Anyway that was all sorted on Tuesday last week .. thats why ive been grumpy off and on all month ..

Spugs came down the weekend of valentines day .. He came down on the friday after i spilt half a cup of coffee on my old keyboard .. which was documented in a thread in the computer bit .. i replaced it with a cheapo from argos - 5 near enough...
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