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Decembers blog part 2 ...

Posted 02-01-2010 at 22:40 by shillelagh

There was a reason for me running round like an idiot ... getting the christmas cards written and delivered and the christmas pressies bought and wrapped and delivered. A very big reason .... i was disappearing to Grangemouth for Christmas and New Year fact i come home tomorrow as in 3rd January. That was why i missed the accyweb meet ...that was the day i left accy .... oh my and what a journey it was.

We'd had all that snow on the thursday and friday ... and i knew i was travelling on the saturday fingers crossed. My sister said she'd take me down to the station instead of me getting a taxi. She also said it might be an idea if she took me to preston .. i said no i'll be fine catching the train from accy. So little did...
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Decembers blog part 1...

Posted 01-01-2010 at 23:14 by shillelagh

Wasnt it lovely all that snow ... it made everything hell ...

Have been busy ... but will catch you all up ....

Will say this .. i havent seen many snowmen around .. might have something to do with me hibernating .... it was also a bit safer ... where i were was hibernating .. that way i didnt get lost ...

Ok back to the other blog ... I got all my christmas pressies wrapped up, tagged and delivered and cards all delivered ..over a week before christmas Now im never organised before christmas ... im one of them always running round on christmas eve down town last pressies .. or i get a card in the post and realise ive missed them ... and end up posting em on 23rd dec...
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Its december ..

Posted 04-12-2009 at 21:33 by shillelagh

its coming up to christmas .. have only 2 more pressies to get .. will get them this next week. I started the christmas cards 2 weeks ago ... i wrote one .. and havent written anymore .. so best get started into them ..seeing as some of them is heading to ireland. Plus ive to get the local ones sorted and delivered - i do cheat on that though .. just write merry christmas and happy new year and sign em .. no names on the envelopes .. and just walk round pushing them through the doors .. Its just you've got to be in the mood for writing them .. and i havent been at the minute. Think i'll find the christmas carols cd and dig out the christmas films .. might get me in the mood then.

What have i been doing .. not much .. been...
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Another trip to preston ..

Posted 17-11-2009 at 22:57 by shillelagh

You've read my blogs before about visiting the neurologist .. and the trials and tribulations .. well this one was going too well .. i should have known something would go wrong ..

Appointment 2.50pm .. id asked for an earlier appointment when they made it .. but there wasnt any .. so i knew there was a good chance i was going to get caught up in the traffic on the way back down into preston. Plan - catch 12.30 bus down accy, catch the 13.06 from accy .. hit preston about 1.30 .. saunter through preston have a nosy in primark, up to the hospital in time for the appointment with any luck miss the students coming out of college and all the traffic .. and then have another wander thro preston catch the train home ......
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Trip to Liverpool

Posted 26-10-2009 at 14:41 by shillelagh

Spug told me about hms illustrious coming to liverpool and i got to thinking about this. My brother likes stuff like this .. always has done plus his daughter who he normally has at weekend had gone off on a school trip to Italy .. so knew he'd be on his own this weekend .. so i found out more of the details and i gave him a ring and told him about it. He said yeah we'll go it'll be a day out ..and something to do. We'll go about 10.30am ..

Saturday night about 9pm the phone rang .. brother .. if its weather like this we're not going!!! I'll be there to pick you up at 10 if its fine!!! Well everyone knows i dont do mornings. Ok when i have to i will get up but not without complaining!!! Arranged a wake up call with spugs...
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