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what else have i been up to...

Posted 03-08-2009 at 19:10 by shillelagh

well it all started on my birthday .. mick changed my birthdate ... made me 20 years older .. least i looked good for my age then .. he did swap it back the day after ... well i cant .. not allowed to you have to ask a mod to change it ... but what i asked for was money for my birthday .. i wanted a scanner and i got enough to get myself one. Its easy to use and this weekend ive been playing with it. Still cant get negatives to scan ..but been scanning old pics in. Have sent some to my niece .. would love to see her face when she sees them .. the one of my sis in her netball team, pictures of my mum and dad, pictures of relatives who have died ... and my old school pics .. i havent changed have i? Was took when i was 11 in the first year...
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Well ....

Posted 30-07-2009 at 15:28 by shillelagh
Updated 30-07-2009 at 17:41 by shillelagh

what have i done today ... been and gave mick his birthday pressie ... went and did a bit of shopping and got myself a butty for my late very late dinner ... came home, put the kettle on, made myself a brew, started eating the butty ... and you know when i loosened my teeth when i was ill ... well ive lost the front tooth.. im just waiting for the dentist to ring me back ... failing that im going to have to ring nhs direct and go to the emergency dentist!!!! Its the false one i had put in .. hopefully though the dentist will be able to cement it back in place. ...

Problem is i cant talk proper ... now some people will think thats a good thing ... but lisping is not my thing!!!! At least i can still type!!!
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Hes gone ...

Posted 20-07-2009 at 16:45 by shillelagh

... its now safe to venture back into accrington without bumping into spuggie ..and thinking am i next on his target list .. by the way he does have this target list ..and i know who is on it ... be warned ..

Thursday we went and picked up this scanner from tesco at rawtenstall. We also got the shopping as well ..we had to get something to eat!!!! Hate to say this but normally when spugs down he does the cooking .. this time ive done most of the cooking .. and if i havent cooked we've either had takeaway or been out for tea ... He's got away with it this time .. just wait till next time. The occupational therapist rang .. she was supposed to be coming next tuesday .. well she had something else on .. and can she come...
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spugs down ...

Posted 14-07-2009 at 22:32 by shillelagh
Updated 14-07-2009 at 23:30 by shillelagh

He landed friday night about 9pm ... I asked him what he wanted for tea .. and it was cissie greens meat & spud pie .. so had to go up hassy to make sure he had got his tea ...

Saturday .. my birthday. We went down town to the railway .. mick had told me to go down on my birthday for my pressie ... which i received ... yes mick i will get my revenge ... Cashy, less, lynx, pete and mick were there. After that went and got some shopping and then back home. We went to the sundragon at acre for tea .. it was good. Spug says we're going for takeaway some time this week.

Sunday .. well another trip to a & e ... Spug had gone up to his mum's to sort out the computer he'd brought down. My computer had gone belly...
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Things ...

Posted 03-07-2009 at 08:58 by shillelagh

....come in threes dont they? Well whats next ... have had 2 things go wrong this week so whats the third?

Saturday night was sat talking to spug on msn and i felt something hard between my legs and jabbing into my skin ... turns out it was the pendant that he bought me for my birthday last year. The necklace had snapped that I'd put it on. I'd took it off the necklace that spug had given me because it had kept on getting all tangled up with my silver one with the talisman on .. and put it on the one my mum had given me to make up for my brother losing all 5 gold necklaces including one that she and my dad had given me for my 18th. I was lucky that it had snapped while i was sitting down ... otherwise i would have lost it .....
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