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Trip to preston ...

Posted 07-05-2009 at 22:50 by shillelagh

Is it any wonder why everyone hates having to visit the hospital for an outpatients appointment?

Spug said cant wait to read the blog on this one .. and i said maybe it should go in general chat .... i'll let you decide.

Leaves home about 11.30am - appointment at 1.30 .. so means catching the train at 12.06 from accy to preston, walk through centre of preston to the bus station and catch the bus up to the hospital. Ive gone in a taxi from the station .. costs around 8 .. to the hospital from the train station .. makes sense catch the bus. Mind you having the free bus pass does help.

So gets on the train .. having bought my ticket at the ticket office. If the ticket office is open you have to...
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this last week ...

Posted 26-04-2009 at 22:50 by shillelagh

well went with spug to preston monday, but before that i made another phone call to preston hospital. You know back in january when i had to cancel that appointment with the neurologist because of the weather ... and the secretary said it would take a couple of weeks to send out another ... then rang up beginning of march to chase up why i hadnt got another appointment .. and she said yeah i remember that - it'll take a couple of weeks to get it sorted? Well i still hadnt heard anything ... so thursday before easter i rang again. The secretary was on holiday and no one else could sort me an appointment out .. and the person i was talking to looked to see if an appointment had been made for me and the notification had been lost in the post...
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its safe .....

Posted 20-04-2009 at 22:16 by shillelagh

... to go into accy .. hes gone home!!!

Sunday .. i got treated to maccydees breakfast ... in bed with the sunday papers brought up as well. Then he went to visit his mum and i stayed at home and got some kip ... and no its not what you are thinking ... Anyway eventually i got up .. and spug was still at his mums and i got the lawnmower out and cut the front garden .. sent a text message to spug - im cutting the grass ... in otherwords telling him get back soon and you can finish it off!!! He came back just as i got to the last strip to do... in the front .. anyway he did the back garden while i sorted tea out ... in otherwords ringing mayflower - spugs choice not mine!!!

Anyway this morning he got up and went...
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Spugs down ....

Posted 19-04-2009 at 00:42 by shillelagh

well he arrived friday afternoon late on .. goes home monday ...

He saw dave on his market stall when he was coming thro town .. but he still arrived early and i was still tidying the house .. mind you its still a tip now .. well not as bad but still not exactly tidy.

Anyway friday we went shopping .. we had to if we wanted tea .. i was tidying up... thats my excuse and i sticking to it. WE were stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus ... and my neighbour said she was going to tesco's so we scrounged a lift. We were going round tesco's and bumped into my brother and his daughter .. and then my nephew .. said it was a family convention .. friday night in tesco's!!!!

So home again and had tea...
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Easter ...

Posted 11-04-2009 at 18:57 by shillelagh
Updated 11-04-2009 at 19:11 by shillelagh

Just read margaret p's blog about not liking easter .. and it brought back memories of what it was like when i was a kid.

Good Friday was always the church trip ... either the lake district or derbyshire. When we got there they'd kick all the kids off the coach with the adults who were still mobile. Then there'd be a 10 mile hike to meet up with the coach. The adults who werent mobile enough to make the hike stayed on the coach and went on a country run type of thing. Then we'd all meet up again and then we'd all have a drink and butties and biscuits and cakes and then we'd all set off back home again.

When they stopped doing the coach trips dad took over. Him and mum would take me off to scotland for easter....
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