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Grangemouth part 3

Posted 01-03-2009 at 23:54 by shillelagh

Spugs been nattering me to write part 3 ever since i did part 2!!!! So thought i'd best do it otherwise i might not get another bunch of roses .... hint hint!!!!

Tuesday morning he had his appointment at 9am ... i dont do mornings theyre against my religon ... just like politics .... Anyway got booted out of bed and on the bus to falkirk ... Found our way to where we were supposed to be for 9am ... just ... and im telling you now i couldnt believe all the help he's got compared to what i get down here. 1st he saw the neurologist and the epilepsy nurse - and they asked what happened .. he told him that he'd had another one the night before and he asked me to describe what i saw. So did do ... and he told spug that it was...
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Grangemouth part 2

Posted 24-02-2009 at 15:40 by shillelagh

On the saturday well it was valentines day ... and i'd took his valentines day card up with me .. not a pressie - he'd got me there that was his pressie but i made sure i'd got his card sorted and written before i went and sealed ..S.W.A.L.K. can you remember back in your school days you getting a card with that on the back? lol Anyway i gave him the card and said wheres mine ... i havent got it yet!!!

I got took out for tea ... to the Earl of Zetland. Oh my ... it was a weatherspoons pub ..... and its an old church .. the pics are below. Its very nice inside .... but i hadnt took my camera with me ... so we said we'd go back later on in the week ... what an excuse!!!! After that we went to asda .. and spug bought...
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Grangemouth ......

Posted 23-02-2009 at 17:27 by shillelagh

Well i went to visit spuggie ... and stayed for 9 days this time. I went on Friday the 13th ... which really if you think about it it is a bad day to travel aint it?

Well ordered the taxi for 11.45 train from accy 12.06 - taxi turned up at 11.55 and i'd told the taxi office the train was at 12 ... that was for starters .. next up he said which side do you want - the ticket office or t'other side. I said t'other side and he drove right past .. at least the train was late!!!

Got to Preston ... train to Glasgow 12.53 .... train arrived at 1.00pm ... gets on train and someone had nicked my seat as you have seat reservations on that one. Anyway comes over the tannoy system that instead of hitting glasgow at 3.17pm...
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Again!!!!! and a calendar ...

Posted 26-01-2009 at 22:06 by shillelagh

Another one this afternoon and im hurting ... Have a wheatbag wrapped round my shoulders .. they hurt like hell, my face has carpet burns again, and im going to have to find a dentist - have loosened a front tooth and that hurts as well. My eye is actually closing from swelling up .. Anyway an appointment with the nurse practioner tomorrow. So see what she says.

The calendar ... this is from rossendale online .. the girls of rossy online have agreed to do a calendar for charity .. and im one of them!!! Its going to be fun!!!! Its a variation of the calendar girls calendar. It all started the fellas were doing it .. and challenged the girls to do one as well. Thing is the girls have managed to get all 12, have had a meeting...
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Posted 18-01-2009 at 22:55 by shillelagh

Im not looking forward to tomorrow... Why i hear you not ask? Well i have to go to Preston to see the neurologist. So a nice long trip over to see him. But what has bugged me most about this is the time of the appointment - 4.30pm which i have to leave home at the latest 2.30pm to catch the train, walk through preston to the bus station, catch the bus up there in time for that appointment ... Then if i do get to see him on time .. which will be a shock if i do ... then getting back home to go and play pool at 8pm.

This arrived the day spug came down ... a few days before christmas. Because of being ill between xmas and new year doc says go .. dont cancel it. Have tried to change the timing of it go. Also the weather...
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