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6 months into the year ..

Posted 11-06-2013 at 23:18 by shillelagh

it don't seem 2 mins ago since I was at the spugsters .. its gone really quick .. whats been happening not much really .. my sis stood for county .. and failed ..but still got me delivering leaflets for her... a few fits in various places with ambulance and police at my door ... sunbathing .. gardening .. my cousin and his wife moving to india .. for 6 months .. tripping up and spending 3hrs in accy vic .. herbies (spiders) on the walls .. just got one now ... one the other nite scared the living daylights out of me .. id made a brew and sat here on comp . .and the flipping thing was crawling up the curtain just above my brew and it was a big un .. just as I was lifting my brew .. it moved caught my eye .. and half the brew ended up over my...
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Posted 09-01-2013 at 23:25 by shillelagh

i told you so dont cover it ... the spugster on haymarket train station on sunday .. you're jerking sure you ok ... yeah im fine nowt wrong ..dont jinx it ... he chucks me on my train back to civilisation ... i find my seat ... and the next thing i know is ... dont panic you've been ill ... hows that .. last thing i remember was standing to take my coat off ... next thing im sat on my own at the back of the carriage and the ticket man and another couple of passengers one a doctor ... asking if im ok ... do i hurt anywhere ... and the ticket man saying we were going to send you to the hospital in carlisle .. but the doc said you were only going to preston so might as well keep you on till then and your brother said he'll ring your...
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feeling doubly guilty

Posted 17-12-2012 at 02:11 by shillelagh

that i havent done this for a while ... but ive had a bit of something on my mind .... and a few interesting months like having my first trip in a police car, first time in a court dock ... but its all sorted now .. and now my brains back in gear again ...i'll update this!!!

So besides all that ... what else has been going on ... physiotherapy ... with any luck fingers crossed i'll be told on wednesday that i wont have to go back again ... oh damn .. ive arranged to meet someone at the same time my appointment is .. i knew i should have put the appt in my phone!!! I tell you physio, family, christmas pressie buying sends you loopy dont it ...and birthday pressie buying .. Thats another .. went into the card shop...
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im feeling guilty ....

Posted 21-08-2012 at 13:32 by shillelagh

1. Cos i havent updated this for a while .. ive been trying to get used to life without the cast .. and not overdo it too much ...anyway more about that later ..

and 2. I killed a butterfly with an iron ...

Anyway the cast was took off back on 24th July .. and he said he'd book me in for physio .. they rang me up 2 days later .. next appointment was 9th August .. and i thought well i'll do my old my exercises what i could remember when i went to physio for 3 years for my wrists .. and when i went he said i may have overdone it ..but i did well in getting most of the movement back and gave me 3 exercises to do 10 times each and 3 times a day .. well id been sat here at the computer doing em till...
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Finally ....

Posted 25-07-2012 at 19:16 by shillelagh

... its off ...

Went back to the hospital yesterday and it got cut off .. but and heres the but .. ive got a splint for 4 weeks ... and have to go back to the hospital in 4 weeks and im waiting for physio to ring me for me to go there. I would have done this last nite but i think i overdid it .. having the freedom .. and it hurt so ive been resting it today ..

You could tell its holiday time .. bus is at 8.25am and when i went before we got stuck in a traffic jam at the blackburn end of grane road at the roundabout to the m65 and at guide ... got to the hospital just before 9am ... yesterday i was at the hospital for 8.45 .. my appointment wasnt till 9.10am!!! Glad i went early tho .. bumped into an...
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